Clone #3 Review


Just three issues in and Clone has firmly established itself as one of Image’s best. Obviously when it first came out on the outside it didn’t seem to be anything special. Clones by now are what people would consider an overused thing. It would take some clever writing and an intriguing premise to convince readers otherwise. This series has done that. In just three issues we have a unique story, great characters, and you the reader are invested. Clone is a surprise hit, easily recommended. The latest issue further moves the story with some great writing and tense scenes, if it’s one Image title you should be reading, it’s this.

Here’s the official description from Image:

Will Dr. Luke Taylor’s descent into the government’s most secretive project shed light on his origins? Or is he just the next in line to fall victim to his evil “brother?” In this country, not all clones are created equal…

It starts out with Patrick leading our main character Luke to a holding cell. Of course, this guy is smart, he’s not going to let a holding cell stop him. Meanwhile in Washington D.C. the Vice President has some tough  decisions to make, all the while Luke’s wife Amelia is attempting to give birth. David Schulner’s writing is really strong throughout. In the beginning Luke and Patrick have a really good conversation. Luke says they are brothers, then Patrick brings up the Bible story of Esau and Jacob. I hope whoever Patrick is working for is as well-written. Luke also continues to be a good protagonist. While he had no idea what the heck was happening in Issue #1, now he has a slight clue as he attempts to understand the situation. (One particular haunting scene is when Patrick shows him a room full of dead clones.)

Art wise, no complaints. It has the same level of quality from the last two issues. No true standout pages, but it’s not about how great the art is, it’s about the characters and story. Let’s not forget to mention the vice president’s role in all this. Schulner is doing a great job of making this guy not truly evil, just a little shady. (The dialogue between him and his daughter was superb, “Your vote has to be for your country. Not for me.” I do have to question the guard thinking Luke was Patrick. Sure, they’re clones, but they do not have the same uniform. I would think with the event of Luke coming the guards would be smarter than that.

Overall, Clone #3 is another fantastic issue. We get some really good dialogue with Luke and Patrick, the vice president, and pretty cool scenes with Foss. I’m not sure how this series will be over ten issues with how fast the story is going, but I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. Looking for something unique to read? Give Clone a shot.


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