Chris Pratt’s Deal with Marvel

Guardians Of The Galaxy Banner

Good news to all you Guardians of the Galaxy fans, and better news to anyone who is a big Chris Pratt as Star-Lord fans, he signed a multi-picture deal with Marvel. It looks like we will see a lot of Star-Lord from now on, that is if the Guardians movie makes enough.

“I think that’s how it works for everyone. Yeah, they pretty much own me for as long as they want. [Laughs] Which, hopefully, will be a really long time,” said Pratt.

Now being that I have not seen the Guardians movie (obviously) I can’t talk on what new plot lines that they intend to have. This is pure speculation based on what is out there for them to use, but I think that Iron Man becoming a Guardian is in the books for Marvel. iron-man-3-tony-stark-robert-downey-jr-600x337If they kill off Pepper in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron (which, knowing Joss Whedon, has got to be on the table) the entire Iron Man 4 will be about Stark’s struggle with that, thus his struggle on why he should even help people anymore. Then some plot stuff happen (maybe about the Mandarin’s 10 rings) and he goes to space and meets the Guardians (or something, as said this is just speculation).

Now they still have Thanos and the Collector to deal with, but The Collector might be done after this first movie and to defeat Thanos they will need help from the Avengers (my guess). I hope that The Guardians will get three or four of their own movies without the help of the Avengers, but chances are they will not. Chances are the mulit-picture deal means Iron Man 4 (I hope), Avengers 3, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

After all that being said Michael Rooker (Yondu) said he signed a deal for 100 movies. This is obviously in jest, but it makes me wonder how many movies they intend to make. Only thing we can do is wait and see.