Chasing the Dead #2 Review


Chasing the Dead is back with a second intense issue. This mini-series is based on a novel of the same name. I’ve never read it, so I’ve been reading this without having any previous knowledge. The first issue started out normally enough, (aside from the prologue) but then got really intense in the middle act. The writing succeeds in making this Isaac Hamilton guy as scary as the most powerful of super villains, and he’s just some normal person! (As far we know anyway.) The first issue was a thriller with a few hints of some kind of paranormal zombie thing going on. That stuff comes about in this issue, you are not going to want to miss this.

Here’s the official description from IDW:

Her daughter has been missing for only two hours, but Sue has already been forced to drive out into a blinding snowstorm to dig up the corpse of a serial killer in the nearby town of Gray Haven. With ten more hours before sunrise, it’s clear the worst night of her life has only just begun. Five more towns to visit, with five more horrific tasks waiting in each one. But along the way, Sue encounters a mysterious hitchhiker knows the identity of her faceless tormentor and his plans for Sue and her daughter.

It picks up right after the previous one. Susan has finished digging up something dead. Isaac calls in saying he wants it in the van, but Susan replies that it’s too heavy. Then this psychopath says this about Lily, (Susan’s daughter) “I can fit most of her in a box wrapped with a bow.” The dialogue is quite nerve-racking, it punches you right in the gut. Then we see what this guy does for punishments. You know Marilyn the babysitter? Dead, with her eyes plucked out. One of the quotes from Isaac is, “But I’m afraid I’ll have to keep the eyes. I always do.” And when live lobsters pop out of the car, you know things are getting rather twisted. The writing is very good from beginning to end. The reader understands Susan’s situation and is rooting for her the whole time. Lily is nothing more than a plot device. The only line she has is “Mama.” A new character appears, in the form of Jeff Tatum. He was interesting, not exactly fleshed out enough by the end, but alright. (This being the adaption of a 270 page novel, it’s understandable that character development would be cut a little short.)

The art isn’t that bad. It has sufficient detail without being right in your face. It does succeed in making the dead bodies look creepy. The cover you have to look at for a few seconds before writing it off as not that good. The trees in the background really compliment the scene, especially with the blood on the statue. Susan, or rather her face, looks a little off. All in all, a decent cover. Near the end is when things get intriguing, What’s going on here? Zombies? Haunted roads? All this vagueness is what keeps me coming back. Not to mention the ending, the art was great there. (The next issue looks to be crazy!)

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Overall, another fantastic issue of Chasing the Dead. The story really heats up as the more supernatural element takes the stage. The phone call conversations with Susan and Isaac are some of the most intense things I’ve ever read in a comic. By the time this is over, it looks we’ll have one heck of a mini-series.


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