Charismagic (vol.2) #4 Review

Has the second volume of this fantasy yarn started to lose the spark that made this series worthwhile in the first place?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Be prepared because everything you thought you knew about magic is about to vanish!

Hank and the group arrive in the Golden Realm and soak in the awe-inspiring wonders of its futuristic landscape. However, the locals are not so welcoming, and the group quickly finds itself under the threat of therealm’s commanding – and mesmerizing – authority. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Hanks¹s agent Kenny makes his own startling discovery, as the dark forces of magic reveal their true nature, in horrific fashion!

The battle between good and evil may be heating up and shifting venues, but through it all the heart of this arc remains irrevocably intact.  Thanks to the work of the creative team this latest comic book represents a franchise that’s still vibrant.

Vince Hernandez pens the script and I have to say I was instantly engaged in the fray.  As this saga continues to march through some rather dark times, the scribe manages to offer up some twists then turns that are sure to make ardent followers quite happy. As a total package the whole of the story works despite some imperfections here and there.  In particular I was impressed with the dialogue as the author found ways to ground insane things in some semblance of reality.

The art by Vincenzo Cucca is simplistic in execution as it exists as a stylized series of panels that invite readers to look on in awe. His renditions of our primary characters create a welcoming display that does more than enough right, as one gorgeous background leads to a breathtaking vision that easily puts this release in high regard.   There are bound to be some detractors out there but for me the visual component uplifts the narrative in worthwhile ways from beginning to end.

Charismagic (vol.2) #4 is an exciting addition that builds up the current arc while bringing in more players to this expansive game of magic vs. reality. Recommended.


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