Catalyst Comix #7



What occurs in the great anthology series this time? Is it exciting or lame? Read on to find out.

Official Description:

“The Agents of Change take the lead in this action-packed issue! Bear witness as Elvis, Wolfhunter, and the crew make a chilling discovery; Grace races to head off an invasion; and Frank puts down his peace pipe to tap a keg of whoop-ass!”

First off, I hope that everyone had a good holiday and is doing well. I am sure that some of you got that light saber that you wanted or that new Pokémon game. Well, enough with the sappy Holiday stuff, Catalyst Comix came out with a new issue and I think that you need to pick it up, it is well worth the read and the small price for the issue. The Agents of Change, make a huge and exciting discovery.22546 It is kind of scary, I mean considering the realm of the world. I will not ruin it but you will like it.  Also, Grace kicks some serious ass this issue. I mean it a lot. It is something that you have to see. Also, along with Grace, you have Frank, who does some ass kicking himself. It seems like this issue is kick ass, kick ass, and scary discovery. I like it.

The story for this issue is great. I mean the writers for the stories are just having a field day with all the stuff they are doing. I will say the “Agents of Change” writer had a field day. It is something that you will not understand until you read it but trust me. You will be glad I didn’t ruin. Although, I usually don’t. Overall, they are all great and you will like them.

The art for this issue is just as good as ever. It hasn’t really changed. Every panel, does a great job of showing all the different stories. I like it all. It is just great.

Overall, I give it a five out of five.


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