Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #6 Review


They have found Captain Victory but there is something wrong and the Galactic Rangers are going to do anything to get their captain back. It is pretty crazy and scary. Will they be able to save their captain and continue their journey? Read on find out more.

The official description from Dynamite:

Get ready for an all-cosmic, all-action “zap-out”! The search for Captain Victory comes to a climatic head in this star-studded sixth issue! You won’t believe just how far your mind can expand until you read this issue, utilizing an army of artists to deliver the galactic goods! Feel the adrenaline pulsing through you with high-octane artwork from Nick Dragotta, Michel Fiffe, Nathan Fox, Jim Mahfood, Benjamin Marra, Dan McDaid, Tradd Moore, and Grant Morrison! Yes, THAT Grant Morrison!


This issue is a really interesting one because there are several reasons why. First off, we have the story. Captain Victory has been found but he isn’t himself. He has reverted into a adolescence. It does some interesting things with flashing through the past and future. It is really neat because we get a look at the world that he has been in and what he has gone through. The second thing is that there is a whole bunch of artists. It is very well done and it does add some really fun stuff to the table. It is pretty awesome.

Joe Casey is a fantastic writer and brings it all together, especially, in this particular issue. It is very cool and very fun to see the world he has imagined. It does a great job of bringing everything together.

Nick Dragotta, Michel Fiffe, Nathan Fox, Jim Mahfood, Benjamin Marra, Dan McDaid, Tradd Moore, and Grant Morrison all bring this last issue to a amazing peak with the different art that they provide. It is really brave to have all these artists together but it works.

Captain Victory and the Galactic Ranger #6 is a great end and some great story.

  • + Fantastic arc
  • + Beautifully drawn comic
  • + Awesome that everyone was involved
  • + An interesting ending

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