Captain Midnight #7 Review

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As this franchise soars ever onward, is there enough here to warrant attention from comic collectors? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Fighting for his life in Washington, DC, Captain Midnight struggles to do any damage to a secret organization’s brutal assassin. Meanwhile, Agent Jones is abducted by an unexpected captor who may reveal the unsettling truth about the mysterious Black Sky’s motives.

Captain Midnight 7_CI’m going to go ahead and be honest, I love this ongoing series. From the first issue on the creative hands that crafted it made sure to make it engaging and fun as we delve deeper into these murky waters. It becomes clear that a struggle which ended abruptly decades ago continues today, as additional details fall into place. I can’t help but attempt to contain my glee, as what happened in this stellar outing with a specific action sequence just left me grinning.

Joshua Williamson continues to lead this roaring adventure yarn, as our hero comes face to face with a man that seems unstoppable. But it’s on the hollowed grounds of a memorial that we see him rise to the occasion, as Jim Albright leaves everything on the table while he charges head first into battle. The author does a tremendous job delivering the quirks of the tale while keeping it fresh. My one complaint is that the additional political intrigue came off functional but a bit forced, that said the possibilities form the history re-write seem limitless.

The art by Eduardo Francisco is simply top notch. He captures the gritty realism necessary to sell this outlandish jaunt of renewed responsibilities and interstellar intersection. It’s clear that with each pencil stroke, this talent easily breathes life to concepts that on their own merit should fail to be digestible. This is a visual barrage that offers pictures which do more than simply support the text because, thanks to his skill, we see it all work in the end.

Captain Midnight #7 is a really good comic that doesn’t break the mold but rather continues to hold distinction for yet another month. Recommended.



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