Captain Midnight #5 Review

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Will our hero be able to do anything to thwart the modern disasters around him? Or is he doomed to fail?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

As Agent Jones investigates the mysterious Black Sky, Captain Midnight’s on the clock as a time bomb ticks down to destruction! Can our hero save the day before he’s out of time?!

Captain-Midnight-5_CThe thing that makes this particular comic book such a joy to review, is the fact that it takes on bits and pieces of the common superhero journey and plays with them in a way that makes it all feel fresh.  We have a man out of his own time, but his past is certainly affecting our present as lasting reminders evolve into threats beyond what fans might expect. In short: prepare to take flight, but hold fast my fellow fanboys and fangirls because there be turbulence in these skies.

Joshua Williamson continues as series scribe, by unleashing an entry that’s full of the fun and corny instances that have made this a must own.  Within that combination is the charm of the romp, as the skeletons of Jim Albright come to the fore in ways that caught me off guard.  There are stumbles, as a text heavy conversation bogs down the pace of what should have been a quick resolution to last month’s cliffhanger.  That said, in its own right, that decision birthed a narrative extension that felt somewhat logical if not a bit forced.

The art by Eduardo Francisco fit the book in every conceivable way.  When the illustrator was called on to give depth and emotion to a warped hero or a house torn down by gunfire, this talent was up to the task.  There were a couple minor panels that felt a bit rushed, especially when compared with the larger items on display, but this did little to sully an otherwise steady flight.

Captain Midnight #5 is a relevant comic that offers enough charm to be more than the sum of its parts.  Simply put: this deserves to be on your pull-list. Recommended.



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