Captain Midnight #4 Review

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This iconic crusader comes face to face with a future be barely understands, but as he glides ahead are we ready for him?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Playing catch-up on the last eighty years, Captain Midnight heads for Manhattan to get a firsthand look at how far humanity has advanced in his absence. But when our hero hears about a mysterious high-rise heist artist who appears to be using Cap’s antigravity technology, his recon mission turns into an investigation of this strange sky man . . .

Captain Midnight 4_CPrepare for what can only be described as an outright fun adventure.  The creative team charts the course of a tale that expands on the foundations of the odyssey while also embracing the further mechanics that allow a story such as this to be more than a simple retread of familiar ideas.

Joshua Williamson impresses with a script that’s easy to follow and even with the zany bits involving a never ending war against the Nazis he makes the whole of the piece work.  Describing the content of the series out loud among your fellow fanboys or fangirls might garner some chuckles but you can tell them what I say now: the whole thing works. better than it honestly needs to  This is an interesting and entertaining literary yarn that makes good use of its time by building up the narrative and leading us all toward a rather potent finale.

Eduardo Francisco jumps in to tackle the art duties and he easily melds his skill with the visual callings of the burgeoning franchise.  Whether he’s illustrating bystanders or Jim Albright, he gives them an innate sense of style that succeeds. It should be expected that there would be a couple off moments here and there as the illustrator comes into his own but trust me these hiccups do little to sully an otherwise solid set of renditions.

Captain Midnight #4 has a bit of a slow start but by the time the comic book reaches its climax there’s a lot going right with an ending that easily shocked me. Recommended.



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