Captain America #2 Review

Cap still finds himself in the dangerous Dimension Z. Even with all his strength & will, can the Sentinel of Liberty survive much longer?

Here is the summary from Marvel:

Dimension Z continues! • “Remember their faces, their families. Remember what they love. Learn how to turn it against them. “ • Arnim Zola’s ambitions leave Captain America stranded in the upside-down territory known as Dimension Z. • Steve has saved the life of Zola’s son, but can he keep him alive? • Who are the barbarians of Phrox and what are their intentions for Steve and his new ward?

One year has passed since Captain America found himself in Dimension Z, and Steve has seen better days. Still not knowing how time is set in his new venue he continues traveling the rough terrain along with the child he found in Zola’s lab. He and “Ian” continue across the dimension encountering strange yet dangerous creatures along the way. Steve soon learns that like him, not all the inhabitants are fond of Zola, however these creatures are just as ruthless as the rest of the monsters he has encountered in his new environment. All these factors cause Cap to look inward and ask himself is this is one battle he won’t walk away from.

Rick Remender continues to tell the age old story of one man struggling to survive against impossible odds. He seamlessly transitions between the present and Steve’s past, giving further insight into Cap’s childhood, which hasn’t be explored alot in comics. Giving us further insight into what drives him as a person. While also thrusting our star-spangled hero into a situation where death may be his only option, the added weight of Ian is also something Steve has to worry about since he is all the child knows. The theme in the story is survival, but also a tinge of hope can be seen at times when Cap has his flashbacks.

John Romita Jr.’s pencils still compliment Remender’s script very well, this creative team has a unique chemistry you don’t find in many writer artist tandems. Whether drawing dynamic action scenes, quiet scenes, or flashbacks, Romita doesn’t slack in any area. Giving a very powerful and well done panels that are amazing to look at. Adding on the stellar pencils are Dean White’s colors. Giving the past scenes a slight sepia tone to match the mood, and making Dimension Z itself a dark and dangerous landscape. Something to be in awe of, but also feared.

Captain America #2 hits another one out of the park with it’s great script & excellent artwork, this new take on Cap is a welcome read.



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