BubbleGun #1 Review

Is this new series really something that’s worthy of your hard earned money and time?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

They like the tech, but live for the high stakes! Sisters Molli and Devyn, along with teammates Roman and Kyo‹and a stockpile of cutting edge, cyber-punk technology, form a confident team of mercenary thieves able to take on the most formidable jobs around. Yet, when one cyber heist turns out to be more than they bargained for, as a mysterious package and its contents threaten to unravel the group to its core, the menacing worlds of corrupt industry and deadly espionage is unleashed upon them!

So far I have to say that this “10 for 10” initiative has been going fairly well, as this particular independent company forges ahead in some bold territory.  Take this title for instance: we have humanoid machines, hackers and espionage all rolled into one very convenient package that happens to be very entertaining to boot.

Mark Roslan pens the script and he does a stellar job keeping the concept accessible from the first page to the final panel.  The author sees fit to throw in character development, action, suspense and even some minor tension before the cliffhanger finish.  In a lot of ways the mechanics of the tale seem fairly familiar much to its detriment.  But to anyone who has dabbled in this specific type of science fiction these passing similarities may just help cement the authenticity of this outlandish yarn.

The art by Mike Bowden is chaotic and a treat to witness.  His pencil work crafts a sophisticated reality that relies on, what I would consider, Eastern influences to bring the wide birth of its visceral world to believable life.  There were times where the expressions seemed a bit too over the top but for the most part these minor instances did little to hinder an otherwise kinetic and wildly engaging experience. Overall: the work on display was good to behold.

BubbleGun #1 is a good start that sets things off with a solid strut and swagger that earns some attention.  Recommended.


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