Broken Pieces #5 Review

The final issue of this emotional and exciting series is here, so does it offer up a satisfying conclusion or a lackluster finish?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Aspen Comics’ newest original series, Broken Pieces, reaches its stunning finale!

Every moment following that fateful accident within the Trinion Corporation’s laboratory has led to this pulse-pounding conclusion! The monstrous creation of their doing is finally in their possession, but Ludas and his power-hungry conglomerate struggle to contain his mindless, destructive rage until Ludas evens the odds by unleashing his most frightening creation yet! Meanwhile, Richard and Gabriella’s heart-wrenching fate reaches its shocking culmination, as Richard must choose between the love of his life or the end of civilization altogether!

Richard Adams has had a really rough go of it lately, and these final pages will be no different.  This exceptional scientist that’s now trapped in a rapidly deteriorating body sets out to make things right, even as he faces a surefire end to his own life.

Considering where we left our hero following last month’s cliffhanger Mark Roslan does a superb job bringing this narrative to a fitting end.  The series scribe charts a tale that pulls at the proverbial heartstrings in an effort to sell the message behind the madness even as the script offers up a truly bleak world.  Plot lines cross paths so that truths can inevitably see the light of day and in the end our beleaguered protagonist has to show how much of a monster he’s really become in order to save the ones he cares about.

Cory Smith delivers some outstanding panels in this final outing.  From the action scenes to the slower more human moments his pencil strokes evoke the right level of emotion to convey the gravitas of the circumstances involved in this tale.  The work on display allows the characters to properly ebb and flow with the uniqueness of their histories as they embrace their truly quirky designs which in the end yields some very striking visuals.

Broken Pieces #5 is a fitting and emotional finish that will leave fans thoroughly satisfied.  Highly recommended.


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