Broken Pieces #4 Review

Between corporate greed and mass destruction, can our shattered hero find something that’s truly worth fighting for?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Aspen Comic’s newest original series, BROKEN PIECES, continues!

The fight between mortal and monster could very well shatter the pieces of their existence altogether! As Gabriella attempts to regain any semblance of focus after the heart-wrenching loss of her husband following the accident inside their lab, her work within Trinion dutifully presses on. Meanwhile, Trinion director Damon Ludas has his own sights set on putting an end to the unrestrained amalgamation of a man wreaking havoc on his security forces. And Ludas’ plan calls for unleashing his own form of pain and punishment upon the monster-the ruthless mercenary known as Harrick, and an ensuing clash that only one can possibly survive!

Written and created by Aspen’s own Mark Roslan with line artwork by Cory Smith and colors by Beth Sotelo, BROKEN PIECES will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!

A riveting read yields a strong introspection into both the human soul and the actions of our race.  It’s absolutely fascinating to read this comic book from cover to cover, as it slowly peels away at the essence of thoughts and decisions through the eyes of some rather imperfect characters that represent our worse and better angels.

Mark Roslan hands in a script that works within this stories various themes quite well, even as it barrels toward next month’s conclusion.  The character development is strong, as each moment informs not only reactions and temperament but the overall direction of the plot.  The only minor issues I had dealt with a few select moments where dialogue just felt too wordy and it slowed an otherwise consistently self aware and strong pace.

Cory Smith offers up some very solid visuals in this latest issue.  Sure pencil strokes with some slender and thick lines inform this post-apocalyptic world while giving the series a visceral soul for all eager readers to enjoy.  My only gripe with the job done here, is that there are panels where characters lack consistent details and can come off a bit rushed.  But thankfully, those moments are few and far between.

Broken Pieces #4 is a strong penultimate issue that will please fans as they brace themselves for what looks to be a very climactic forthcoming finale.  Recommended.


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