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Boycott MS. MARVEL! Screw Marvel’s PC Agenda! Say NO To Shape-Shifters!

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Ughhh, How dare Marvel make Ms. Marvel a shape-shifter?  Dang it!  In case you missed this ridiculousness, today Marvel announced a new series featuring a different Ms. Marvel who changes freakin’ shapes.  This completely goes against Ms. Marvel’s entire mythos.  I am the biggest Ms. Marvel fan in the history of the universe.  I’m so pissed that Marvel continues to preach their politically correct agenda and force us to read about shape-shifting superheroines with extremely large fists.  Listen, I have nothing against those dang shape-shifters, but I just don’t see why Marvel has to shove their PC bullcrap down my throat and make me read about one.  In fact, it’s the shape-shifters who are the racist ones.  If they weren’t racist, it wouldn’t matter that all the classic heroes and heroines from the 1940’s and 1960’s are all normally shaped people.

I hate porcupines too!  Next Marvel will want me to like them also!

I hate porcupines too! Next Marvel will want me to like them also!

And what is wrong with the shape-shifters Marvel already has? I am the biggest Mystique fan ever and my favorite story-line is Secret Invasion.  See, I am totally NOT RACIST!  Why can’t the shape-shifters just be happy with what they have?  We GAVE them their own freakin’ race of aliens!  Will they ever be satisfied?  I refuse to buy this morphy bullcrap.

And no, I don’t read Carol Danvers’s solo series.  Why would I?  Sure I love her as a character, but we all know comics with female leads are just desperate cynical ploys to get girls to read comics.  Girls don’t actually read comics- they just say they do ‘cause it is trendy. So I am officially boycotting Ms. Marvel.  Thank heavens for Dan Slott who is still keeping true to the classic Marvel values and story-lines! 

For more on this atrocity click here.


Jay Deitcher, LMSW(@mrdeitcher) is an educator on comic history and runs successful Free Comic Book Day events yearly.  You can see a listing of his incredible articles at

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  • Christopher M

    this could be that Marvel Studios needs a different version of Ms Marvel to use in the films.. Whedon has said Danvers is both cinematically hard and boring to write…perhaps, the studio doesn’t actually own the Skrulls which is why they weren’t in The Avengers (“insert random Marvel aliens here”)… Whedon was however interested in using shape-shifters but the first Avengers installment couldn’t handle all the different powers..

    • Brad Donald

      Whedon is a hack with no talent. The big spectacle is all he offers.

    • A.More

      The Chitauri were not “random”.

    • Marcell Hines

      In the ultimate universe the chitauri are the skrulls, and since thats the universe the movie is based off of, they did use the skrulls at least technically.

  • omgitsbrien

    So sarcasm. Such witty. Wow.

  • Gee

    I liked everything you said up until ‘girl’s don’t actually read comics.’ Well excuse you, I didn’t know you could read the mind of every existing female to make that conclusion.

  • Susan Gallagher

    I’m female and I’ve always loved comics – but I agree, all this PC extremist stuff is defeating the object of equality by coming across as desperate and silly.