BlackAcre #9 Review

This world full of political and religious intrigue continues to grow and expand, but is it starting to lose that initial spark that made this book a worthwhile treat?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

A high-risk ploy has landed a pair of assassins deep in the heart of enemy territory. And now they’re closing in on the target. But how much longer will their cover – and their luck – hold?

The various elements comprised in this tale are slowly becoming something more than the sum of their individual parts.  To the creative team’s credit from day one they’ve been playing with themes that might be off putting to some while building up their own unique vision.  In short: the comic you hold in your hands is a masterfully realized work that may not be perfect but it will entertain you.

Duffy Boudreau pens the script and to be quite honest the author has such a firm grasp of the material that any minor missteps along the way are quickly forgotten as a cacophony of verbal word play highlights the strengths of this adventure.  I was particularly impressed with how the scribe took our primary antagonist, protagonist and secondary characters toward a subtle change in their evolution.  From beginning to end he pays an exceptional amount of attention to the necessary details as he builds what can only be described as an excellent jaunt.

The art by Wendell Cavalcanti is once again a point in the festivities that uplifts and hinders the whole of the work.  I found myself more than impressed with the visualizations of some of these complex sequences but there were a few panels that just seemed to be a bit distorted.  For the most part this was a minor complaint as a minimalist style took hold of the book while baring the downside which allowed several of the characters to just be far too similar to each other

BlackAcre #9 is a more than competent release that contains a narrative chock-full of elements that have more than earned a spot on your pull-list.  Recommended.


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