BlackAcre #10 Review

With the Hinterlands at stake and our lead antagonist on the chopping block, is this series still holding enough juice to garner attention from new fans and devoted followers?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

At his distant outpost, Hull receives unwelcome visitors. Meanwhile, an eager Guardian puts BlackAcre’s security capabilities on explosive display.

If you’ve been following this saga from the first issue then you’ve seen a subtle shift in quality as each outing, with the help of the creative team, becomes more daring in context.   Initially we were dealing with a perfect society with fatal flaws that birthed elements of espionage and political intrigue while holding some semblance of integrity.  But now we’re to this juncture and might I say the comic book is maturing nicely in ways I did not expect.

Duffy Boudreau continues to pen the text side of this affair as this release attacks themes that are slightly familiar but new.  The narrative itself continues to deepen and grows more complex, as we deal with gutter issues born from the bowls of society.  The ultimate argument of increased technology versus natural expansion takes center stage and after almost a year of time the author has seen fit to build two different but very true versions of reality. Through these perspectives he paints ideas within their confines that are as imperfect as they need to be.  In short: the story is engaging in all the right ways as it holds weight.

The art by Wendell Cavalcanti is simple but impressive to behold.  He flawlessly executes the right level of design sense in order to continue the visual side of this tough as nails world.  To put it simply, the illustrator is ready to do whatever he’s called for as the current events continue to unravel.  There are some very complex shots here and despite some of the faces and forms looking a tad bit rushed he displays the full birth of his skill set.

BlackAcre #10 is a thrilling addition that deepens the saga while moving everything along at a charged pace.  Recommended.


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