Black Kiss II #2 Review

Does this depraved but thought-provoking venture continue to bolster some quality storytelling?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

In the second of six explorations of the dark side, filth piles on filth as the 20th Century revs into high gear – and the stroboscoping world of the movies conceals and reveals the degeneracy and debauchery hiding behind the winning smiles of matinee idols and America’s sweethearts.

Two more chapters delve even deeper into this dark, dreary and twisted world.  It’s almost as if we’re reading the life and times of the most insane sexually obsessed addicts the world has ever known, as the locale reshapes and expands around their insatiable appetites.

Howard Chaykin continues to explore depravities beyond belief as his script employs a compelling narrator that frames each disgusting act with a thought-provoking rant.  It’s not a perfect read but it keeps the story moving in a way that offers setting, humor and a near narcissistic self-awareness that sells the insanity of these two connected romps.  Rightly so, this story expands its initial scope to offer the odyssey of a man who was once saved by an iceberg while illustrating the corrupt culture surrounding early Hollywood.

Howard Chaykin once again handles the art in his sordid series, and I’m glad he does.  His thick lines, slightly deformed but functional characters offer a vivid atmosphere that complements the script quite well.  Through his unique but disturbing visual sense, readers will be treated with a thoroughly engaging set of panels that ebb and flow with a strong sense of self.

Black Kiss II #2 is a comic book that will appeal to a select amount of readers out there, due to its mature themes and at times intoxicating but grotesque subject matter.  However, it’s not a bad purchase.  In fact if you’re willing to give it a shot you’ll find that this set of tales is a well-put-together comic book that’s more than worth your time.  Recommended.


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