Bionic Man #15 Review

Its been two months, but Bionic Man #15 kicks off right where December’s issue left things. With Steve and The Sasquatch surrounded by other, enemy-controlled Sasquatches. Its a strange concept, but its executed fairly well, even if it does move rather quickly for one issue.

First, the official description from Dynamite:

After leading a search and destroy mission to put an end to a long forgotten evil, Steve finds himself in a life and death struggle with an army of bionic beasts. Steve has faced seemingly impossible odds before, but can he survive the madness he uncovers deep in the belly of the beast? Find out as the Secret of Bigfoot story arc reaches its epic conclusion!

Despite a tense opening, this issue moves fairly fast. Without spoiling anything, the original stand-off is resolved fairly quickly; its not even the entire length of the issue. Bionic Man #15 closes off the Bigfoot arc entirely, which is a double edged sword in its own right. On one hand, the current issue moves quite fast, yet I’m not entirely convinced a second issue would be interesting in its own right. As a result, Bionic Man ‘#15 does its best to offer a satisfying ending.

The latter half of this issue is where the writing and story becomes a bigger highlight. Again, its hard to review without spoiling anything, but it will certainly satisfy long time readers, as it builds upon already strained relationships between various characters, showing real developments and depth. Of course, Bionic Man is always about Steve Austin, and this reaffirms the characters alignments and personality.

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All in all, this is a decent issue for the Bionic Man. Its not the most realistic; with bionic people, dogs and even cybernetic, Russian bigfoots (or should that be bigfeet? ) a suspension of disbelief is more than recommended. That said, it has shown potential for the series. With no relatively obvious plot threads left unexplored, I’m certainly looking forward to the next issue, especially if it follows in the wake of any developments already made in this issue.

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