The Bigger Bang #2 Review

With the end of our world came a sad and lonely hero. Cosmos’s tries to move on but with the pain he has suffered will he be able to find love and friendship? Read on to find out more.

Is the most powerful being alive ready for… friendship? Cosmos’s adventures in the multi-verse continue as Extermination Bots are battled! The monsterous King Thulu is bossy! Trust is questioned! And a new feeling Cosmos has never felt comes into focus (*Spoiler Alert: It’s love.) in this breakneck second issue from Kirkbride and Gogtzilas!

The Bigger Bang is a gem of a comic because of the style and thoughts of this comic book. A lonely hero, whoBiggerBang-02-pr-3-afac6 has the pain of knowing that he was created through death, is a new and interesting concept that is portrayed perfectly.  This issue takes place after the last, obviously, and it a little more light hearted than the last. While I did love the last issue, it was depressing but this one does have some fun moments and some great dialogue that is played out. We, also, get a whole bunch of new characters and new types of creatures that are fun to look at. Cosmos gets to show us that emotional side even more with love, hope, and friendship that isn’t over done or exploited. It is pretty fantastic.

D.J. Kirkbride   continues to amaze me with his writing talents. It has this way of making you want more and more of this character. He is relatable and compassionate while still being a badass. It is really a great comic that I highly recommend.

Frank Cvetkovic has a special style with this comic and really lets us see the nitty gritty of the characters. He, also, has a great imagination and portrays these bizarre characters with human emotions to give a sense of who they are.

The Bigger Bang #2 lives up to the previous issue and continues to be fantastic.

+The character is real and unique +The art is rough and real +The new characters are cool to look at +The story is getting fantastic.

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