Ben Kingsley is Still Working With Marvel

Mandarin-bannerOn a recent press tour for his upcoming movie Ender’s Game, Sir Ben Kingsley let the word out that he and Marvel have continued working together on a secret project. As we all should know (spoilers if you have stayed away from any Iron Man news this decade) Kingsley recently played Trevor Slattery, an actor hired to pose as a terrorist known as The Mandarin by Aldrich Killian. For anyone who somehow doesn’t know, in the comics (or really any other Iron Man canon) Mandarin is one of the most powerful and dangerous enemies that Iron Man fights. With the news Kingsley is still working it may mean Trevor Slattery may be more than he appears, or exactly how he appeared.

It’s a secret Marvel project. I’m not allowed to say any more, you’re going to have to wait and see.BenKingsley
There could be a chance that really Kingsley is in talks to start up a whole new character, but could that honestly work? Kingsley has a distinct look and played a very memorable character in one of the highest grossing movies of all time.
So after we throw the new character theory out the window. It leaves us with a couple choices. A) Trevor Slattery is needed by one of the Avengers to play a role and help save the world, B) He makes some sort of appearance in Agents of SHIELD, or C) he is the real Mandarin. I am very inclined to take choice C. It was speculated by fans quickly after the movie that Slattery really was in charge and was able to trick Killian otherwise to stay out of trouble if they were caught, after all Mandarin is a master of deception. mandarin-villain
As of now we can really only speculate as to what happens. Maybe he is in talks to cameo in Age of Ultron. Or maybe he teams up with Ultron and is the real main baddie in the movie. The Mandarin is one of the only villains in the Marvel Universe that I feel could go toe-to-toe with Ultron or Loki and come out a victor (specially with Dr. Doom and Magneto MIA). Unfortunately for us fans, we’ll just have to take Sir Kingsley’s advice, wait and see.

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