Battle Beasts #3 Review


Battle Beasts #3 does a great job at keeping things going, despite not doing anything itself. Considering how the last issues left, this issue seems to be stalling for the time for the sake of suspense. Fortunately, there are still a few good moments to be had.

The official description from IDW:

Bliss and the Beasts close in on the all-powerful Dread Weapons. Along the way, Vorin reveals the history of his kind, although fellow heroes Merk and Gruntos recall slightly different versions of the past! Meanwhile the United States military begins a full-scale attack to contain the murrauding Beasts! Action, intrigue and secrets revealed, all in this issue!

The last issue left Bliss and the Beasts in the subway, about to reach the Department of Defense. More or less, this is the only thing that gets accomplished in this issue. They reach the building and then… cliffhanger. Is it a good cliffhanger? maybe, but its highly predictable, which makes it almost boring.

However, there are a few flashbacks and background developments on the three main beasts. Similar to the first issue, I am finding these panels of the beast homeworld much more fascinating. Even the art seems to agree more with these pages. Whether its Vorin standing on a field of battle, or his two companions doing a lot of fighting, everything seems to make more sense, although I still question a race of beasts that can create “dread weapons” and spaceships yet insist on using swords for fighting.

Everything else in this issue seems to be pointless development. The army attacks the beasts, which is understandable, but not much further comment is made on the issue. Are they winning, or losing? The main plot suggests that the beasts will leave once Vorin achieves his goal, so does it even matter? Its attempting to add depth to a title that’s only got one more issue to go. Whilst, yes, the artwork is great, the human army itself makes such a small appearance that its always overshadowed by the giant talking animals.

The standout point of this issue is definitely the development of Vorin as the leader, but the rest of this issue is so obvious its almost a cliche. Its a disappointing issue, but maybe there is hope for the final installment.

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