Battle Beasts #2 Review

Following from an impressive first issue, Battle Beasts #2 gets bogged down in common tropes and elongated establishments. Yet there may still be hope for the series.

First, the official description from IDW:

The Beasts have landed on Earth, destroying everything in their path. Bliss Reynolds knows why, but she is being hunted for her secret knowledge by dozens of bloodthirsty Beasts! Three noble Beasts have endeavored to protect Bliss, but they won’t be enough to protect her from the hordes that are on their tail. The only option? Run! It’s a scramble for survival in a war zone called San Francisco!

My main gripe with Battle Beasts #2 is that very little happens. Following on from the first issue, its already clear that the battle beasts are invading earth to fight over some form of powerful weapon. Even if you ignore the basic premise that was behind nearly every Saturday morning cartoon in the 90s, this issue is nothing short of unoriginal. There’s a boy and a girl involved, because there is an ever present need for a human element to relate the characters.

This is the problem I occasionally have with Transformers (especially the movies) – the constant need to threaten humanity and earth insults the reader. I could easily relate to a battle on the beast’s home planet. In fact, Battle Beasts #2 does not compare to the opening scenes of the first issue. The artwork is still fantastic, but it just doesn’t match the beauty and depth of the opening issue. There’s no mention of the home planet at all now. I get the two sides are fighting, but what are they fighting for? At least the Transformers had Cybertron.

This issue simply tells the reader what they already knew, and the rest was already easy to guess. Considering this is a 4-part series, it leaves little room for the next two. Whilst the issue does make for a good read, offering plenty of action and occasional humor, it takes too long.

In summary, this is a good issue. It feels a little forced and uncreative, leading to an obvious set-up for the closing issues, but its an enjoyable read none the less. More than this, its simply pretty to look at.


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