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Baltimore: The Infernal Train #1 Review

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There are vampires in the streets tonight.

Yes, vampires. By now the whole world is probably tired of that word. Never fear however, this new series starts out very well, one of the best vampire-themed comics I’ve read.

Here’s the official description from Dark Horse:

While Baltimore hides out in Budapest awaiting the arrival of the sadistic Judge Duvic, a strange woman shows up with a bizarre invention she promises will rid the world of vampire plague.

Lord Baltimore is a familiar face in Dark Horse’s ‘Mignola-verse.’ This is my first foray into his books, and I’m quite glad I did. If previous stories are anything like The Infernal Train #1, I might have to track down all the trades. This book is filled with fantastic writing, a great main character, and actual threatening vampires.

The story is handled by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden. The setting is Hungary, 1817. It really feels like we are there in that time period when things were simpler. The plot is not in your face mindless action. There’s a purpose to it all, from Baltimore awaiting the crazed priest Duvic to Lucriezia’s shady dealings. I’ve only read one comic with him, but Baltimore is already one of the best protagonists a reader can ask for. He’s calm, cool, and and above all else likable. Duvic is a pretty intriguing character too. Their relationship goes way back, but new readers can get what’s happening quickly.

Ben Stenbeck’s art is pretty solid, it matches the time period well. It has a very simplistic look, somehow I think in-depth detail would have been a con to the way everything looked as opposed to a pro strangely enough. There’s plenty of satisfying vampire action too. The cover is simple, but easily gets the job done.

Overall, this new series for Baltimore is off to a fantastic start. It’s a really well done vampire story, which we could use more of, right? It doesn’t shamelessly use the vampire title for sales, it’s a really compelling story.


Daniel is not the biggest vampire fan, but he did enjoy The Batman vs. Dracula and you can follow him on Twitter:@Destroyer_199

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