AVX: Consequences #4 Review

Is the epilogue gathering steam or is it proving what a waste of time it really is?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Spinning directly out of AVX #12, find out what happens next!

• We can’t tell you anything else without spoiling everything AVX!

When I was reading Avengers vs X-Men I was caught off guard by some brilliant moments that almost made the entire event worthwhile, but sadly looking back these scenes just don’t carry any weight for me now.  The reason for that is quite simple, the story in the end didn’t matter and truth be told there is no real narrative impact.  But the tale did accidentally bare some fruit, since it led to the birth of Marvel NOW! and because of that this mini-series feels more and more irrelevant.

Kieron Gillen gives us another chapter to an event that had a lackluster finish.  He tries hard to bare the weight the original saga should have had from the beginning but ultimately the results are uneven.  Dialogue is solid but the story is boring, and to be perfectly honest its hard to care about these characters since not that long ago fans were rooting for their failure.

Mark Brooks tackles the art duties this time out and he does a commendable job.  His pencil strokes brilliantly realize each of the characters while utilizing their mutant prowess in subtle environmental ways.  He imbues a solid sense of self in the varied work on display here, especially when he takes on some of the more staple elements.  In the end there’s just not enough in the script for him to chew on, and because of that fact the experience is rather boring.

AVX: Consequences #4 is a lackluster continuation that explores the future of the mutant civilization with some truly mediocre scenes.  It does have its moments and for that reason alone it squeaks by with a very light recommendation.


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