Avenging Spider-Man #14 Review

Is the latest miscellaneous issue of Avenging Spider-Man really a trip worth taking?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

Horizon Labs take a field trip to the Savage Land! But when has a trip to the Savage Land ever gone right? When a horde of super-powered lizards attack, it’s up to Spider-Man, Devil Dinosaur, and Moon Boy to save the day! Raptors are bad enough, but can Spidey overcome a prehistoric language barrier, too?

It’s time for a new locale and a decisively interesting crossover this month, as old webhead treks to the primal Savage Lands.  Yes, he’s been there before but I got to say it was a welcome scenic change, as this character explores an area that he’s clearly not comfortable in.

Cullen Bunn yields a somewhat outrageous concept in his straight forward script.  What he have here is a tale that makes most of the previous works in Avenging Spider-Man look rather tame as the author puts our hero in a unique situation while elevating the desire and need for him to do something to save a place that he really has no logical stake in.  The characters themselves are expertly written, the plot is thin but solid enough to carry the players toward a rather simple cliffhanger and I have to say there were a few standout jokes packed in for good measure.

Gabriele Dell’Otto handles the art and let me be the first to say it looks exquisite.  The work done here flows with the script in a way the elevates the narrative quality while carrying a hefty amount of intricate detail.  Each pencil stroke lines the work with an essence that ebbs and flows with a kinetic energy as our heroes head into battle against the genetically enhanced dinosaurs.

Avenging Spider-Man #14 offers a unique crossover that acts as a solid first part to an honestly engaging adventure.  Recommended.


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