Avengers vs X-Men #8 Review

The massive event series barrels into its 8th outing, but is the conflict between the X-Men and Avengers still compelling? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

Last stand in Wakanda as an out-of-control Namor invades this sovereign nation in pursuit of the Avengers!

And a shocking truth stands revealed that may cause fractures in the X-Men’s alliance!

After seven issues you would think this series would start to be less interesting, but since its debut it went from mediocre to amazing to passable to good and eventually really good.  It’s been all over the place, and this latest issue thankfully lands on the really good side of things.  It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but it works well enough to keep the vitality of this event going strong.

Brian Michael Bendis handles the script this issue, and he does so by letting the action happen.  The characters act and react to the destruction around them as you would expect them to, but don’t go into this issue expecting any kind of depth.  It’s not that its shallow, but this issue is all about fighting.  Trust me when I say the necessary dialogue is there and the battles don’t feel corny, but there’s only one somewhat deep moment and it comes at the end.

Adam Kubert handles the art this issue, and the characters look simply stunning.  There’s one specific two-page panel that comes to mind and believe me when I say, it’s truly a sight to behold.  With sleek line work and dynamic action shots, this series has never looked better.

This is how detailed and epic an event book should be.  You have a solid script, great art and a compelling enough narrative that keeps all of our heroes in a perpetual state of conflict.  If you’re a Marvel fan this latest issue of AVX is easy to recommend.


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