Avengers vs X-Men #12 Review

This is it guys, the final issue of the mammoth event brought forth from the House of Ideas.  So does the series conclude with a whimper or a bang?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

Extra-sized final issue!

• It’s all come down to this! The final battle—as the world burns!

From the first issue to this one, the lengthy journey we’ve all been reading has had some serious highs and lows.  From the get-go it felt like another cheap attempt at an event that rushed superheroes into battle against each other, but unbeknownst to us the creative teams behind it slowly started to formulate an idea of where they wanted to go.  The end result of their plans gave birth to a rather lackluster formula that gestated this final piece.

Jason Aaron handles the final blows, offering a fitting conclusion that just feels underwhelming.  His script did have some standout moments where our heroes got to show off their strength and ultimate gumption, but these brief scenes quickly fall to the wayside as the battle comes down to three final words.  As Marvel events have gone in the past this issue offers a few glimpses to where the shared universe is going, but unlike some of these previous endings the one feels much more solid.  Despite that fact, I can’t let go of the feeling that this series really should have been about 4 orissues at the maximum, instead of the 13 plus (excluding tie-ins) that we got.

Adam Kubert nails the art in this release for about 90% of the issue, but there were a few spotty moments.  The majority of the panels are lavished with details, spectacular design sense and ultimate grace but there were a few that just looked rushed.  Near the end characters seemed to be rather stiff, rigid and wholly lacking the quality touch they deserved.

Avengers vs X-Men #12 is a solid issue that finishes the established formula of the series but ultimately fails to go big in it’s conclusion.  In the end the superheroes argued, they fought each other, eventually found common ground and they battled to win the day.  And that’s about it.  Despite any narrative misgivings as it relates to the event as a whole, the end product of this release still squeaks by with a light recommendation.


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