Avengers #21 Review

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The mammoth even barrels forward, as this issues picks up from the powerful standing of the main arc and runs with it.  But does it deliver something that’s worthwhile?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:


• The final battle for the Marvel universe begins.

• The fall of a Galactic empire.

• The rise of a new one.

Avengers 21_CWhen it comes to an intergalactic odyssey set within the confines of this shared universe, the House of Ideas has certainly had its share of both successes and failures.  But for my money, this had got to be one of the best thought out narratives in recent years, as the style of the creative team bleeds through into a wider odyssey that’s destined to leave an impression among its fans.

Jonathan Hickman pens the script and the seasoned scribe works hard to not only deliver something worthwhile but rather something that’s compelling in it’s own right.  What we have is another entry in a larger plot that reveals just enough to keep any wayward reader engaged.  For longstanding followers there’s a few sequences that are sure to peek your interest but at the same time I found some of the dialogue to be a bit too rigid.  It’s not that it was bad, far from it, but there were moments that to me felt a little unnatural especially when taking into account the characters uttering the words.

The art by Leinil Francis Yu is majestic.  The seasoned illustrator who’s had quite a bit of history with both Marvel and the Avengers brings a lot to the table as this strong outing proves to require a lot from any talent.  He embraces the page and handily brings to life some very complicated works that are sure to please anyone who jumps into this intergalactic affair.  In short: if you’re looking for pretty pictures this release has them.

Avengers #21 is a rock solid entry that continues the relevance of Infinity, as the series that started it all begins to mine some untapped potential.  Recommended.



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