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A new adventure begins but should you care?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

The battle has been fought and won. Ash battled and defeated the Deadite image of himself and saved the world. Now all he wants to do is get home and have a normal life. Too bad he messed up the Book of the Dead incantation. New series. New start. Will Ash ever escape the land of the Deadites? Will he ever find his girl? Will he ever remember the last part of the incantation? Now an army of unbelievable horrors rules the land and only Ash can annoy them.

Ash and the Army of Darkness 1_CThanks to the efforts of this creative team we’re given a direct sequel to, what I and many others would consider, a classic movie.  So grab your boomstick and get ready to take on some nefarious players and their deadite horde in what can be readily described as an uproarious ride!

Steve Niles pens the script and the scribe does a lot of things right, first and foremost he nails the voice of our main character.  We’re following the continuing exploits of Ash but the difficult thing when tackling his personality is delivering text that feels natural while echoing the voice of Bruce Campbell, and that’s what we  get.  Beyond that he draws a lot of elements from the film, Army of Darkness. and that can be a bit of a detriment especially if you haven’t seen it.  But let’s be honest that’s not the audience this comic is looking to please.

Dennis Calero handles the visual side of this equation and for the most part the talent nails a style that echoes its heritage but embraces a slightly more mature rendition.  The characters look as they need to, with passing similarities to their movie counterparts as the world from S-Mart and beyond gives a moody transition that’s a bit more horror oriented than I expected.  That said I loved the overall design sense.

Ash and the Army of Darkness #1 is a strong start that honestly accomplishes exactly what it needs to.  Recommended.



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