Artifacts #21 Review

Does the conclusion of this three part story arc rise to the occasion?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


Dr. Rachel Harrison has come to learn the truth of her family heirloom – it is the Artifact known as the Heartstone. What she didn’t know is that each Artifact bearer has a destiny and hers lies in the small New England hometown she tried to leave behind. The origin of the Top Cow Universe’s newest bearer by RON MARZ (MAGDALENA, SHINKU) and STJEPAN SEJIC (ANGELUS) comes to a chilling conclusion.

When a new character is introduced and thrust into a world that they really don’t understand, the end result is usually a perfect jump-on point for new readers and more or less a throwaway arc for faithful followers.  But thankfully, the creative team behind Artifacts finds a way to satisfy both camps as they close out this romp in stellar fashion.

From start to finish series writer, Ron Marz, effortlessly guides this narrative forward, as Dr. Rachel Harrison discovers more of the gifts of the Heart Stone.  The dialogue between her and ancillary characters is uniquely designed in the sense that it comes off as both fluid and natural, as our temporary protagonist gets some more growth and attention.  As three part arcs go this one worked just fine as this issue served as a more than solid conclusion that successfully built up next month’s release.

Stjepan Sejic once again hits the art out of the park.  The talented series artist shows his skill with near photo-realistic panels that encapsulate the hyper-real world of the Top Cow Universe.  From character form to panel design every moment in every page gets the right amount of attention to yield a visual experience that’s honestly second to none.

Artifacts #21 is a strong finish to a consistently good narrative, and the cliffhanger is sure to get any fan excited to pick-up the next issue in this series.  Recommended.


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  • Elizabeth Freeman

    Marz has stuck gold with this series!