Artifacts #19 Review

We have a doctor with a secret, is that enough of a premise to get you to read the latest issue of Artifacts?  Read on.

The official description from Image:


Tom Judge, a former priest-cum-FBI profiler and bearer of the Rapture, and his partner Tilly Grimes track down another Artifact bearer – a doctor. But this trip to the hospital may prove fatal for one of them.

The Top Cow universe continues to grow as Artifacts take its next logical step.  The story opens at a local hospital where we’re re-introduced to Dr. Rachel Harrison, the apparent bearer of the Heartstone.  It’s a dialogue heavy read that succeeds in yielding some solid pathos as we follow ex-Priest Tom Judge on his latest little adventure.

The script is exceptionally solid, as Ron Marz succeeds in offering details about one of the lesser known Artfiacts while maintaining a very cohesive narrative.  The story is chock-full of tension, some horror elements and the always classic banter of an ex-Priest turned FBI investigator.  My only gripe with the script was when Tom explained what the Artifacts are, it was a brief moment that just felt little too wordy.  Thankfully, it did not take away from the characterization and great set-up contained in this issue.

Once again the art by Stjepan Sejic is beyond exceptional.  The panels are lavishly detailed with near photo-realistic characters, that are complemented with beautifully rendered environments.  There are times where the art exceeds the script in quality, but thankfully for the most part they balance each other out.  Whether it’s a moment where characters are talking in a hospital hallway, or a woman falling to her knees surrounded by ghosts, the art fits this narrative.

This is a dialogue heavy read that succeeds in offering a solid plot with great art.  As Artifacts continues to impress it’s easy to once again recommended this stellar series.


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