Artifacts #17 Review


In the words of Doctor Who, “Fantastic.” I think I might have just found my dream comic. Artifacts deals with some religious things, (angels, demonic forces) and I just love when this stuff is portrayed in media. Ghost Rider did a good job with that back in the day. Artifacts #17 is a unique comic for many reasons. The plot and characters are ┬ásomething out of a Stephen King novel. Cool looking armor/suit? Check. Giant dark monsters and gremlins? Check. Artifacts #17 is one fun comic.

The official description from Image:

Tom Judge and Tilly Grimes were prepared that not all the bearers of the 13 Artifacts would be receptive to their call to action. They even anticipated that it would shake some to the core. But they never expected what came next. RON MARZ (MAGDALENA, SHINKU) and STJEPAN SEJIC (ANGELUS) continue the story of the Top Cow Universe in directions that will top everything that has come before!

There’s this really awesome splash page where Estacado unleashes this giant snake thing and some evil dark looking Gremlins against Tom. If that isn’t awesome, I don’t know what is. The recap page does an alright job of bringing the reader up to speed, but for this kind of series, it could be a little more in-depth. But besides that, while the story may seem complicated, it’s easy to follow along. (Unlike Prophet.)

The art is pretty dynamic and 3D-like. That giant snake thing and those gremlins? They look awesome and greatly detailed. (Especially the angelic being at the end.) It feels almost like a video game, I could have sword this was part of World of Warcraft or something. The dialogue is standard fare, stuff you’d hear in a summer blockuster fantasy film. There’s always that generic bratty kid.

Overall, Artifacts #17 is my kind of comic, and probably your’s too. Fantasy with a very interesting story backdrop? Yes. Did I mention that it has giant dark creatures? If that’s not enough to buy it, I don’t know what is.




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