Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash #2 Review

Do we really need another comic book that dabbles with either of these two franchises?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Ash and his new partner Cassie Hack are on the trail of missing pages of the NECRONOMICON and their first case leads them to a prison shower, naked deadites, and an evil double! Can Cassie and Ash stand each other long enough to deal with Bad Mahesh? A bloody, twisted ride starring two of horrors greatest monster-mashing icons!

Picking up where the Hack/Slash monthly title left off, this mini-series sees fit to offer our heroine one last chance for a gory but glorious return.  Through the use of some traditional elements the creative team builds an arc that feels both logical and fun.  Beyond that they also succeed in ways that are sure to please devoted followers from each side, even if they might feel a tad bit wary about this crossover.

Tim Seeley blends both of these properties without sacrificing either of their core mechanics, and to his credit delivers a result that’s one of the most compelling and entertaining reads I’ve reviewed for UTF.  It’s been a good while since I’ve sat back, turned off my mind and repeatedly heard character voices pour off the page and into my head but nonetheless that’s exactly what happened here for me.  There were a couple rocky moments but the finesse brought on by the scribe allows these stumbles to be little more than passing annoyances.

The art by Daniel Leister is not the most compelling feature about this romp but the illustrator delivers enough on the visual side to sell the connectivity between these two sagas.  Through the use of thick pencil strokes Cassie Hack and Ash interact with monsters and situations that give authenticity to this event.  I found that a couple of the panels came off as being a bit rushed as some deformities took place, but for the most these were rare.

Army of Darknss vs. Hack/Slash #2 is a really good comic that’s destined to entertain anyone who picks it up.  Recommended.


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