Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash #4 Review

Army of Darkness vs. Hack-Slash Banner

As this crossover rages on, is there still enough meat to its tale to make this relevant?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Ash and Cassie head to Connecticut to stop a heavy metal wizard intent on reviving a long dead witch! But the fires built for human sacrifices might not be the only heat between our heroes!

Army of Darkness vs Hack-Slash 4_CWe’re on a steady descent toward the forthcoming conclusion of this outlandish mini-series, and I’m happy to report that fans of both franchises have plenty to be happy about here.  Within the confines of these pages is a tale that suits both of these protagonists, while also carrying an organic connection that could last beyond this point.  There are some stumbles within this greater narrative, but for the most part this is one release that’s better than it honestly needs to be.

Tim Seeley handles the script, and the talented scribe is more than up to the task as he flexes some supernatural muscle.  He captures the essence of Ash and the Army of Darkness while also maintaining the core mechanics that have made his own creator-owned property more than a simple contender.  There were some bits of comedy that fit but I found myself at a loss for some of the story elements which felt unnecessary as this whole yarn barreled forward.  Regardless the bulk of the jaunt is functional, entertaining and in a lot of ways represents how similar titles should interact.

The art by Daniel Leister fits what we’re given but I did find a few panels to be a tad bit bland.  Don’t get me wrong, the illustrations on display offer up a kinetic feel with a consistent look but there were a couple moments where a lack of detail hampered momentum.  Even so the pictures did what they needed to, as soft and hard pencil strokes uplifted the text in ways that made these shenanigans work.

Army of Darkness vs Hack/Slash #4 is a solid comic that may not be all that it can be but it does all it needs to do.  Recommended.



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