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• October 2012

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Shadow Falls #2

Written By: Mikael Bergkvist

Art By: Mikael Bergkvist

Cover By: Mikael Bergkvist

Description: In their attempt to hide from The Master, our heroes find themselves in the worst place possible, where only murderers and thieves are welcome. A reward is being offered for their capture, spies are following their trail, and suspicion about who they really are is spreading. Now, as their time runs out, Shadows begin to fall…

28 pages, $3.99.

The Devil is Due in Dreary #4

Written By: David Parkin

Art By: Allan Jefferson and Jonas Trindale

Cover By: Alex Sanchez

Description: Final chapter! After a devastating turn of events, Marshal and the people of Dreary become desperate to kill Jack and Tino to avoid what they believe to be the coming of the apocalypse. The countdown to sunrise comes to an end in this, the final installment in The Devil Is Due In Dreary.

28 pages, $3.99.

The Grim Ghost TP

Written By: Stephen Susco and Tony Isabella

Art By: Kelley Jones and various

Cover By: Kelley Jones

Description: The Fringe is the place between life and death, and Michael Cavallaro is its newest occupant. As Michael begins to learn the nature of The Fringe from Matthew Dunsinane, better known as The Grim Ghost, we also learn about The Grim Ghost’s history, which spans all the way back to the Revolutionary War, and his centuries-long battle with Braddock. The fates of three souls will come crashing together, with nothing short of a battle between Heaven and Hell looming.

160 pages, $19.99

SOURCE: Comics Continuum

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