Aphrodite IX #7 Review

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When you have no idea who you are, should you trust someone that looks like you? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


Aphrodite IX awoke in a future unfamiliar to her amidst warring civilizations battling over divergent ideologies. In the ruins of this constant strife, Aphrodite has stumbled upon her successor: Aphrodite XV! Will the lethal upgrades of this late-model Aphrodite prove Aphrodite IX’s obsolescence?

Aphrodite IX 7_CIt’s easy to pick up this book and immediately get lost in the wonky ideas it presents. What we have is a story of a woman searching for herself while two different versions of humanity’s potential destiny wage war over what remains of our world. And thanks to the creative team that arc has been interesting to witness, as each issue has steadily built up this narrative toward several bits that are sure to garner excitement.

It’s the script by Matt Hawkins that easily sells this vision of a dark future. What I love most is how he’s incorporated aspects of the main Top Cow line, in ways that are sure to catch people off guard. From beginning to end the scribe has a steady grasp on what we know and have yet to uncover, which only strengthens each development as we enter a world comprised of elements birthed from fantasy and technology. There are a lot of themes at play, but not lost in that shuffle is the soul of our amnesiac, but lethal, protagonist.

The easiest way to describe the art within this literary jaunt is to simply say: I can dig it. What Stjepan Sejic has done with his visual style, has allowed this piece of fiction to enter a different realm. His attention to detail is there, but a softer palette with thicker lines allow this journey to stands on its own, as he exceed his works on Artifacts, Witchblade and even his creator-owned piece, Ravine.

Aphrodite IX #7 is a fitting continuation that proves that it has just enough substance to make it a must-own title. Without a doubt it comes highly recommended.



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