Aphrodite IX #6 Review

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Does this enhanced vision of the future offer enough substance to be a worthwhile purchase for the discerning comic book buyer?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


Exiled by Marcus’s people and lost in a future unfamiliar to her, Aphrodite is now banished to wander the dead zones beyond the habitable ring of the Earth’s equator. But behind the thick smog clouds, Aphrodite is not as alone as she thinks!

Featuring two connecting covers by STJEPAN SEJIC!

Aphrodite IX 6_CThere’s a lot to love here, but the odyssey of this green haired machine is entering a new phase. Don’t worry my fellow fanboys and fangirls this creative team knows exactly what they’re doing, as they carefully plot and point out elements that are sure to usher in the most impressive era of this re-imagined character to date.

Matt Hawkins has got to be one of the most proficient authors in the comic book industry.  He not only takes the time to reference other material within this connected universe, he also offers up a section for explanations in every single comic book.  It’s a joy to review his work, and to see Aphrodite come into her own as this new found freedom comes at a strategic cost.  I did find some flaws in the text, namely the pacing the piece when it began felt a bit too sluggish as I had some minor trouble getting immersed in this latest chapter.

The art by Stjepan Sejic takes an evolutionary turn for this seasoned talent. What looks to be a combination of varying styles offers a bold new look that still yields the same level of consistent detail followers have come to expect.  It’s just a different way to handle it and to be honest I think it bests his previous works as I now find myself wishing for a Witchblade one-shot done with this type of visual cadence.

Aphrodite IX #6 is not perfect but it gets dangerously close to achieving a score that I rarely give out.  In short: go buy this comic, you pull-list needs it.  Highly recommended.



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