Aphrodite IX #3 Review

Is this latest rebirth from Top Cow really a series that’s worth picking up?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Aphrodite IX was created for a purpose, but she does not know what it is. Torn between two factions in a hostile, new world, she’s forced to choose sides in a war that she wants no part in.

Following the end of Artifacts #13 this shared universe has seen alterations that have successfully brought back two previously extinct but technologically centered franchises.  I have to say when Cyber Force relaunched I was excited to see a modern take on the original concept and I wasn’t disappointed.  That’s true for this title too as this specific property returns with results that are nothing short of stellar.

In this latest release series scribe Matt Hawkins begins to toy with the idea of religion from several different standpoints.  He uses the current climate in the narrative to continually develop each character while placing their beliefs at center stage, which results in some perspectives that could potentially be off putting.  Nonetheless the anchor of this tale, Aphrodite IX, has never been stronger as this version of the green haired assassin begins to learn, grow and fight her overridden programming.  The pace may, at first, feel somewhat slow but trust me by the time the final page rolls around readers will be impressed with how far the story has progressed.

The art by Stjepan Sejic is once again spectacular.  His visualizations bring to life this post-apocalyptic world that’s simply full of frightful terrors and glorious wonders.  From the inclusion of suits featuring mechanized armor to dragons the talent is asked to bring in a plethora of styles but somehow manages to make it all work as the script demands.  There were maybe one or two panels where I felt that the facial expressions were a tad bit underdeveloped but overall I have very little complaints about the body of work on display.

Aphrodite IX #3 is another striking entry that’s sure to garner the attention of both new and old readers.  Highly recommended.


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