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Dreamworks Adventure Magazine #3

Written By: Dave Server and Jackson Lanzing

Art By: Marcelo Ferreira

Description: 48 pages of comics, puzzles and posters stuffed into a standard size magazine! This issue features a Madagascar 3 cover and comic story, “Long Live the King” backed up by a Megamind story, “Minion, Where’s the Car?”! This issue also includes a double-sided pull-out poster featuring the characters from Madagascar 3 on one side and Rise of the Guardians on the other. And of course, there are puzzles and games featuring loads of DreamWorks Animation characters as well as letters and art from you, our loyal readers!

48 pages, $4.99.

Hero of Alexandria #4

Written By: Ben Lichius

Art By: Roberto Ali and Dean Kotz

Cover By: Roberto Ali

Description: On the run again, Hero and Gallus find themselves in Alexandria in search of Hero’s stolen bracelet. When Hero discovers that his bracelet is in the hands of one of Julius Lucius’ engineers, he fights to steal it back and unwittingly answers the greatest question of his generation: “Where is Heron?”

28 pages, $3.99.

Strawberry Shortcake Volume 2 #4

Written By: Georgia Ball

Art By: Amy Mebberson

Cover By: Amy Mebberson

Description: It’s winter and Strawberry Shortcake and the girls are getting bored with being stuck inside all day. Even having Cherry Jam there between her concert dates isn’t exciting when they all feel trapped inside. So Blueberry teaches them all a new game with a wintery twist! And word around Berry Bitty City is that Strawberry Shortcake has an amazing new item on the menu! But will it live up to the expectations once people finally try it?

24 pages, $3.99.

SOURCE: Comics Continuum

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