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• November 2012

• October 2012

Dragons: Riders of Berk #1

Written By: Patrick Rills and various

Art By: James Silvani

Cover By: James Silvani

Description: Buckle up for high-flying adventure as the cast of Dreamworks Animation’s blockbuster film How to Train Your Dragon soars into comic stores, just in time for the hit animated series on Cartoon Network! In this amazing first issue, a dragon feud erupts when Toothless accidentally swallows a tiny Terrible Terror… causing it’s siblings to vow a dragon vendetta against him! Can even a fearsome Night Fury fend off two thousand Terrible Terrors? And when the conflict spills into Berk, can Hiccup keep the dragons from destroying the entire village?

28 pages, $3.99.

Avatom #1

Written By: Jason M. Burns

Art By: Ramon Espinoza

Description: Co-created and co-written by Christopher Meloni, star of TV’s Law & Order: SVU and True Blood! When expert software developer Martin completes his latest program, its function could unknowingly spell doom for the entire world! With the clock winding down, Martin must decide if “Tom,” the avatar his software brought to life, is there to destroy him or guide him through a maze of intrigue and deceit!

28 pages, $3.99.

Pocket God: Gen Cell Research GN

Written By: Jason M. Burns

Art By: Rolando Mallada

Cover By: Rolando Mallada

Description: Collecting the hit Gem Cell Research story arc from the mega-popular, Pocket God Comics App! With the newly discovered female tribe now combined with the boys, Klik and Teela are able to put their scientific minds together to try to repair the Gem of Life. In the process, much is learned about where they all came from and how the Gems work! Oh, and Nooby makes a new friend… we know how that usually goes. Based on the award-winning, worldwide best-selling iPhone comic of 2010 and 2011, Pocket God continues its epic run with these all-new stories collected in print for the first time!

124 pages, $14.99.

Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Good Times Digest TP

Written By: Georgia Ball

Art By: Amy Mebberson

Cover By: Edgar Manjarrez

Description: This limited edition, Direct Market exclusive digest collects the first three issues of Strawberry Shortcake Volume 2, including the sold-out first issue! Featuring stories by Georgia Ball with art by Amy Mebberson — along with a cornucopia of today’s most talented writers and artists — you are in for a Berry Good Time!

72 pages, $9.99.

Hero of Alexandria #3

Written By: Ben Lichius

Art By: Roberto Ali

Cover By: Roberto Ali

Description: By escaping to Rome, Hero and Gallus were planning to run away from their problems. Instead they find more trouble than they can handle when Gallus’ debts catch up to him in a dangerous way, and Hero is kidnapped by a mysterious woman!

28 pages, $3.99.

Richie Rich Gems #48

Written By: Sid Jacobson

Art By: Ernie Colon

Description: Richie Rich is back for another collection of classic-style stories! We start off with an all-new story by Richie Rich’s co-creator, Sid Jacobson, and follow that up with digitally re-colored reprints of Richie Rich adventures, including the classic “The Mad Mad Big Big Race”! It’s an ‘amazing race’ featuring Richie Rich versus his mean cousin Reggie! 28 pages in all, when adjusted for inflation, that’s about a Million Laughs!

28 pages, $3.99.

SOURCE: Comics Continuum

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