Another Top 5 Rip-off Characters in Comics

Last week I covered just 5 examples of misappropriated characters in comic books, and by the end of it I realized that there are too many to contain in one list. Lo’ and behold, another arbitrary list of no consequence to anything!

But hey, it’s good, harmless fun, right? So let’s dive in like a fat kid belly-flops in the public pool, and find out who’s the original gangsta and who’s the rip-off artist extraordinaire. Today is really exciting, as I have compiled a list even more epic than the last one. From Wolverine to the Avengers, and from the 3 baddest villains ever to one obvious swipe that may be the most shameful in all history… we’re calling out the biggest guns in comics, and you may just be surprised who’s the copycat in these match-ups.

As before, we will be basing these findings on the one true gauge of originality, which is publication date. The newer is the loser, the winner the beginner, so let’s get started.


We all know our fan-favorite fuzzy little death machine first appeared back in the ’70’s in Incredible Hulk #181, so this may seem like a pointless entry. It’s not. There’a a valuable lesson to be learned here, one which Logan has been trying to teach us for decades: He’s the best there is at what he does. Period. The reason he is such is because any attempt to add bad-ass blades to a warrior-type dude’s hands will result in a bastardization, plain and simple.

Alas, that is exactly what happened in 1992 when Marc Silvestri and Eric Silvestri created Image Comics’ Cyber Force, which really was just a team of watered-down X-Men(who as we disclosed in the first part was a rip-off itself). But the worst case here is Ripclaw, who has the unfortunate role of being the lame X-Men’s lame Wolverine, stripped of anything that made Wolverine relevant like his past, his loves and relationships, leaving only the “cool” aspect, which really isn’t even that damn cool without the deep character traits of the old Canucklehead.







Have I mentioned how much Rob Liefeld sucks for making a career out of shameless identity theft of superheroes? It’s quite silly, when you go back and look at his list of creations. Nearly every one can be mirrored with a Marvel hero, or in the case of last week’s rip-off artist, Deadpool, a mimic of DC’s Deathstroke the Terminator.

This guy takes the star-spangled cake. Agent America was one of Liefeld’s ‘original’ properties designed to help launch his Awesome Comics line back in the late 90’s. That was his third or fourth failed publishing attempt. Agent America was lifted by Liefeld to continue what he thought were great Captain America stories he didn’t get to use in the latter’s books. Now, a genuine artist would just move on and create something new and fresh, but Mr. Liefeld is no genuine artist. He’s all about the benjamins, folks. Hence, this abomination and assault on the eyes of anyone who values the beauty of a unique character like Captain America.




Three of the biggest baddies in all of comics, and they happen to all be massive, egotistical despots, bent on creating a world fit for their grand vision of villany. A bit more complicated, as all share similar traits, but not all share all of the same similar traits. Confused? Well, Darkseid(DC) and Apocalypse(Marvel) certainly look alike, but their shared qualities are more superficial than Darkseid and Thanos(Marvel). While Apocalypse is more about enslaving or destroying all beings he sees as “unfit for survival” on Earth, like some Darwinian Hitler, Darkseid and Thanos are more similar in that they will stop at nothing to either destroy or rule the entire universe.

But which came first, the chicken or the egg, or the…other egg? I don’t think that analogy applies here, because none of these bad guys came out of another bad guy’s ass, but we can still finally put the blame game to bed and reveal the original evil nemesis. Darkseid(1970) is the victor, having appeared three years before Marvel’s equivalent Thanos, and a full sixteen years before Apocalypse arrived in 1986’s X-Factor #5.  Interesting fact: Darseid’s homeworld is called Apokolips.






This one’s a given, but I thought it’d be fun to go over the relevance of such an overt rip-off like the Sentry. Designed as Marvel’s anti-Superman, Sentry  was retconned into the Marvel U via clever story tactics by creator Paul Jenkins, and later, Brian Bendis. Possessing the power of  thousand exploding suns and a dark and evil hidden personality called The Void, the Sentry has many of the same abilities as his inspiration, but was written as to have flaws the likes of which Superman has never known. Deeply disturbed by his own fractured psyche and agoraphobic, Bob Reynolds often needs to be coerced into leaving his house to save the world.

The last we saw poor old Bob was in Fear Itself(2011), when the Void took control of him and destroyed Asgard. He was subsequently beaten down by a homeless Thor and cast into the sun. Let’s hope this wasn’t the true end of this highly-original rip-off.






And here we are, the moment none of you have been waiting for. Who is the original super-team? Some of you may be surprised to know that the Justice League came first in DC’s The Brave and the Bold #28(1960), while everyone’s new favorite movie heroes were three years behind at the House of Ideas. I guess “ideas” doesn’t refer to original concepts as much as just taking what someone else has done and improving on it. But hey, it worked for Elvis, so why not Stan Lee?

There is room in comics for many of the characters who are loosely similar to others. But for the love of all that is sacred, please define those characters in their own way. I think this list, as well as last week’s, proves that just because a hero is based on another(Deadpool, The Sentry, Avengers), doesn’t mean they have no value or cannot be used as a clever way to turn archetypes on their heads. On the flip side of the coin, it’s safe to say that not every character inspired by another is destined to be anywhere nearly as great as the original(Agent America, Bumblebee, Ripclaw).

I hope we all learned something here. I’m off to create my new comic hero myself, “Guy who shoots webs from his hands and sticks to walls but is most definitely nothing like Spider-Man”.

Lesson well-learned.

  • jax

    The Sentry was added to Marvel to show just why such a superhero hero like Superman doesn’t work in the Marvel Universe. – Its ironic and like many of the creations sometimes the first character is superseded by its copy – its developed differently no matter how many seem the same – the problem is when these heroes are made into films or rebooted some of the evolution is lost and the similarity to others become more apparent – in films these days everyone is dressed the same or dumb powers added not seen in the comics.

    • Vorlon Vlad

      No. Sentry is badass. That is all. No showing “just why such a superhero hero like Superman doesn’t work in the Marvel Universe”. Just a great character…I mean I can see where the article is coming from but the only thing similar is the “S” and in all fairness the sign on Superman’s chest isn’t even an “S”. But i digress.

      • Bodeanicus

        Marvel already has Superman analogues in the Marvel Universe already. Hyperion and Gladiator, of the top of my head.

  • El Flaminco

    What about Black Spider and Spider man? The most blatant rip off ever they have the same personalities and same abilities yet its not on here. DC biased much?

    • Bio-ME

      Whoa! whoa whoa!! They do not have the same personalities.. Black Spider is kinda like Catwomen he’s good and bad but mostly bad while Spiderman is just really good and sure they share a lot of their own phrases and powers but no way are the character personalities the same KK!! and as for the “DC biased much?” DC was around way before Marvel was and if it wasn’t for DC.. Marvel wouldn’t exist! and go look up the other 5 biggest rip-offs.. maybe that will suffice 😀

      • Crosshairs

        DC might have been around before Marvel, but that doesn’t mean DC doesn’t suck. They do. Hard.

        • bob1689321

          No. Everything in DC sucks ass apart from Batman, ‘cos he’s awesome.

    • ace13

      The most blatant rip-off is Black Cat of Catwoman

      • Sholaye

        im sorry but catwoman is the rip off. Catwoman came first then Black cat but Catwoman started acting like Black cat after she was created

    • Lemuel Davidson

      You must be talking about the young justice cartoon version. No, the actual comic book versin is nothing like spiderman. He doesn’t have the same personality, he doesn’t have the same powers (no web slinging or wall crawling), and he’s an assassin. The on’y thng they have in common is the spider theme. The young justice version only has so many similarities because the person who created young justice also created spectacular spiderman.

      Calling him a blatant ripoff is inacuarrate as hell.

    • Nidal Burek

      Sorry dude but Marvel originally ripped off spiderman from dcs tarantula

  • skeptic

    Rob Liefeld sucks, period.

  • Glides The Man

    Whoa whoa whoa WHOA. Ripoff artist that he may be, Deadpool’s awesome.
    I know how that makes me sound. But Deadpool is the greatest ripoff ever.

    • ‘_’

      Deadpool didn’t become awesome til he was taken over by other writers.

      • Michael Gaffney

        True, that. Nothing Rob Liefeld does has any value until it’s taken out of his hands. Deadpool is the most obvious example.

        Prophet is a good one too. What was he when Liefeld created him? Some hairy nobody in a tube, another forgettable pumped up muscleman bastard in a book full of forgettable pumped up musclemen bastards in Rob’s desperate lifelong mission to become “EXXXXTREEEEEMMMMEEDFGSETRSDFGTRHJRYT!!!!” And then, pretty recently, someone put that stupid bastard in an orange jumpsuit and tried to do something interesting with him. Mind you, I’ve only read the first issue, but it’s not that bad.

  • DrAwesome45

    u totally forgot that in Superman/Batman Vengeance (i’m pretty sure that is it) they ripped off the entire Avengers team including Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man, Wasp, and Hulk. And i’m not sure but i am pretty sure the X-Men got ripped off too.

    • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

      …if the Avengers was a rip of Justice League, how then would they rip the Avengers in a later story??! We get it…you love Marvel’s Avengers..but sorry, Justice League was first…’s ok….it’s Ok.

  • Tyler

    This is clearly, a DC fan’s opinion on how DC has been slighted…

    • Michael J. Petty

      To be fair, although each companies have ripped-off each other many times, Marvel tends to rip off DC more than DC rips off Marvel. MARVEL NOW is total proof of that (New 52 vs Marvel Now).

      • Ereigon

        And what about New 52 vs Ultimate Universe?

        • Michael J. Petty

          The Ultimate Universe co-existed with the regular Marvel Universe. The New 52 was a complete reboot. Very different.

          • Stephan A.J.

            Marvel Now is not a complete reboot.

          • Michael J. Petty

            This is true. When I said that Marvel Now is proof of Marvel copying DC, I meant that in terms of copying a business move by resetting their comics to #1’s and selling it as something new. Continuity-wise, they didn’t do what DC did, business-wise they did the exact same thing.

          • Johar

            And continuity-wise, Marvel has the upper hand. DC’s decision to condense all of their continuity into five years is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. You can’t condense about 20 year’s (that is, in the DC universe not ours) worth of history within five years! It’s impossible! It doesn’t help that they keep on reffering to things from the pre-Flashpoint continuity and then attempt to simultaneously rewrite it! And what they did to Tim Drake and Ted Kord! Plus, DC sucks at integrating WildStorm characters into this continuity; but that’s partially because the WildStorm universe is too different and fleshed-out to be smoothly combined with the DC universe… least the Vertigo characters are okay…..

  • ace13

    Funny thing is Captain America is a rip-off of a Archie character named the Shield

  • Buzzz

    I thought the Sentry was killed in Siege… Happened a bit before Fear Itself, or maybe I’m wrong

    • Michael J. Petty

      You are correct, it is Siege, not Fear Itself.

  • Quantum Dragon

    Agent America was actually a rip-off of Fighting American, a 1954 re-imagining of Captain America by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby who were bitter that Atlas Comics had relaunched their hero Captain America in a new series.

    Rob Liefeld called Fighting American co-creator Joe Simon and Roz Kirby,
    widow of co-creator Jack Kirby, who agreed to license the character to
    him, but Liefeld would not accept the asking price.

    Liefeld then put out the similar character Agent America but withdrew it when Simon threatened to sue.

    At that time, Liefeld negotiated a new deal for Fighting American, but was then sued by Marvel.

    • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

      I remember reading about that.

  • ace13

    People need to know the difference between ripoff, periody, and omash(I most likely made a miss spell forgive me)I agree that sentry is a ripoff, but it was ment to be, Captain America, and Black Cat were also ripoffs. On the other hand characters like Deadpool and Lobo are more like a periodys. On the other hand I view characters like Moon knight and Shazam aka Captain Marvel are omashes because they take what was done before and tweak it enough to be different. By the way this doesn’t include personality traits, because if you include personality as well as the powers, then you get into copyright infringement.

    • Winston Grant

      “OMASH?” “”PERIODYS?”

      “ENGLISH, M***********! DO YOU SPEAK IT?!” For real: “homage” and ‘parody” look nothing like those word abortions you just threw up on the screen–get a damn dictionary, pal.
      Seriously-GOOGLE(tm) is your friend. Please look this stuff up before you try for sophistication again. That was painful to look at.

      • Mikko Laurinen

        It DID look pretty bad, but I think he had a point there. Seems a few entries in this one were really stretching it to try and make a point. Anything remotely similar is now a rip-off? Ehn. Can not really stand by that. Sentry’s point is CLEARLY nothing like Superman’s.

        • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

          I agree, I can think of a few other characters Marvel did, as tongue-in-cheek parody, that were much closer to Superman. …can’t think of their names, but they were in recent articles. One that was clearly missed that DC would have lost to Marvel. Timber Wolf vs. Wolverine. Dave Cochrum (who co-created the All New-All Different X-Men -1974 ish) Which included Wolverine. Dave had Timber Wolf, who looked more human & had powers of wolf like agility & senses, was a really, very boring Legionaire, go through a latent “mutation”, causing him to have uncontrollable rage, he grew fangs, his eyes rolled permently to the back of his head & the “change” caused his hair to point on the sides (lol), just like Logans. He was given injections for the rages.
          My friends & I laughed like crazy. I loved the Legion of Super Heroes & The X-Men, at that time, but that was such a “rip” it was Funny!!

      • Kyle Jackson

        I know this old…like really old But DAMN dude, even if he spelled 2 words wrong the guy obviously understands the topic and made a valid point. And notice he didn’t jump out the gate being a dick at someone he disagreed w/ or seen issue with their expressed post.

        If you haven’t by now, 4 years later, you should really lighten up.

    • Nidal Burek

      its true that some characters are meant to be rippoffs(the other companies version of the original)but neither sentry or deadpool were said to be ones.The creator of deadpool only later admitted that deadpool was a rippoff and said that he was a parody just to save his ass.Considering Sentry he isnt the only rippoff of Superman,there is Hyperion and Kallark(Gladiator).Lobo was said to be a LITTLE bit inspired by wolverine and thats when all marvel fanboys freak out

  • Sal

    Superman is a ripoff of Captain Marvel (Shazam). DC was almost put out of business when the publishers of Captain Marvel sued them.

    • Mark Boyes
    • Sonny Crockett

      Superman came out in 1938, Shazam (Captain Marvel), was created in 1939 by artist C. C. Beck and writer Bill Parker, the character first appeared in Whiz Comics #2 (February 1940). Soooooooooo…..Supes was first and that makes you……”wrong.”

  • Phillip Lamb

    I’m not sure where he was going with the Avengers/JLA. If he wanted a true rip off off characters then he should have looked a Squadron Supreme. That team is almost a mirror image of the JLA.

    • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

      the point was the JLA was first, he was saying the character(s) after were the rip. The Avengers were the rip. It’s clear that truth bothers you, but it is the truth. I was thinking of The Squadron Supreme while I was reading the article, that would have been a parody. It was blatant & comical.

  • Gambriel β Carrizo

    Marvel you unoriginal thieves!

  • Mr.Quincy

    How the hell can you forget Marvel’s Gladiator? He’s a ripoff of Superman. He has all Superman’s powers except they’re based on psi abilities like tactile telekinesis, clairvoyance, and optical pyrokinesis. He’s also an alien, but doesn’t usually operate on earth. His weakness is self doubt instead of Kryptonite. He also comes with a cape.

  • Jon

    It was in Siege we last saw Sentry. Look at me bolstering my geekiness.

  • Sam

    You got the character of Thanos all wrong… He has motivations of his own not mindless destruction and conquering!

    • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

      ….and those motivations are…….?

      • Allen Zacharia

        Trying to impress death.Because he is totally in love with death. But death being the bitch she is totally spurns him.

  • Bapman

    Uhm … its HYPERION vs. SUPERMAN … not the SENTRY !

    • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

      I wasn’t sure why he picked Sentry.

    • whoop

      the sentry’s awesome, hope he isnt really dead

  • chclttrffls

    Doom Patrol vs. X-Men… guy in wheel chair with group of outcasts, D.C. was first, Marvel just did it better.

    • Crosshairs

      Marvel tends to do a lot of things better than DC. Marvel has more interesting characters, better stories, and a better all around roster.

      • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

        They still can’t get that “Wonder Woman” Marvel Style right though, can they ?!

        • Bodeanicus

          They kind of did with Power Princess of Squadron Supreme, but that’s not Marvel Proper.

  • dooooom

    Do some god damn research before you write an article. Sentry was last seen in Siege, not Fear Itself. This is what Thanos’s creator has to say about his inception “I went to college between doing U.S. military service and getting work in comics, and there was a psych class and I came up with Thanos … and Drax the Destroyer, but I’m not sure how he fit into it, just anger management probably. So I came up to Marvel and [editor] Roy [Thomas] asked if I wanted to do an issue of Iron Man. I felt that this may be my only chance ever to do a character, not having the confidence that my career was going to last anything longer than a few weeks. So they got jammed into it. Thanos was a much thinner character and Roy suggested beefing him up, so he’s beefed up quite a bit from his original sketches … and later on I liked beefing him up so much that he continued to grow in size.”

    The person who wrote this article has probably never picked up a comic in their life, and I know for a fact they didn’t read Fear Itself. Seriously Dane, did you bother to read the synopsis of Fear Itself, or did you just go straight to Wikipedia?

    • nolan

      u mad bro?

      • Crosshairs

        u stupid, bro? I swear, come up with something original.

    • McGuffin

      Just dropped in and saw these getting comments. You are correct, I accidentally wrote Fear Itself instead of Siege. No Wikipedia was used except to determine publication dates.

  • Anthony Fix

    Actually if you think about it DC has an even ripped themselves off since the Justice League is actually an ’60s update of the Justice Society from the ’30s. Course one could say the same about the Avengers being a rip-off of the Invaders

    • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

      Then it wouldn’t be a Rip, you yourself used the words, update. And it was always acknowledged that the League continued/updated from the Justice Society. Why did you bother?!!

    • Lemuel Davidson

      Not really a ripoff since they’re actually successors to the JSA and work alongside the current JSA. I don’t know where you were going with that.

  • rOn

    The house of ideas, lmfao. Only thing funnier is you saying they improved on those not so original ideas, LMAO.

  • Zeke Teke


  • Deamhan

    You forgot to put Hawkeye and Green Arrow in here and The Flash and Quicksilver. Not sure who came 1st on those ones.

    • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

      DC first on both.

      • Deamhan

        Thanks for the info.

        • Johar

          Yeah, same with Flash and Quicksilver; their personalities and back stories are too different to be considered “rip-offs”

      • Ereigon

        At least for Hawkeye/Green Arrow it really doesn’t matter though, considering Green Arrow is far from an original character. That’s more of a public domain archetype.

  • Valérie Dicaire

    I really wouldn’t have put Sentry as a copy-cat of Superman, there are way better expample of blatant Supes rip-off out there IMO: Hyperion, Rob Liefeld’s Supreme comes to mind… Sentry’s flaws and evil side make for an interesting character, one that far exceeds mere imitation.

    • richardshort2001

      Yeah I immediately thought of Hyperion too. I mean he was literally intended as a Superman ripoff, not even hidden at all. I actually like the Squadron Supreme stuff, pretty fun take on the JL. Comics are full of ripoffs, even Deadpool is a ripoff.

  • Ben S.

    How about Namor (1939) and Aquaman (1941). That’s a blatant ripoff if I ever saw one. Here one big thing you forgot to mention… DC copied a lot of Marvel’s style of characterization… making their heroes more flawed, human and adding social relevance to their characters therefore making them more relatable to audiences.

    • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

      we get it…you love Marvel. Aquaman was so much better all that anger of Namor’s just gets old.

      • Bodeaniucs

        Wrong. Namor shows that the Namor/Aquaman archetype isn’t an automatic failure. Namor is Marvel’s equivalent to Black Adam. What Aquaman could have been to the DC Universe. Instead he’s the universal “stupid” comic book character. Namor isn’t.

  • Tommy Stiles

    Actually, the Fantastic Four was Stan Lee’s answer to the Justice League. He said it himself. And Deadpool’s a parody that took on a life of his own. As well as Black Spider.

  • lolipop

    do ur research bud, sentry died in siege, fear itself is after

  • Colin Monger

    Are you shitting me? You’re actually saying that the Justice League ripped off Avengers?
    Well, I guess then that the Teen Titans ripped off the X-Men. And that the Outsiders ripped off the Morlocks.

  • Johar

    Hm, I wouldn’t really consider Apocolypse as a ripoff of Darkseid; and Thanos is also a “ripoff” of DC’s Metron until Marvel editors literally said “Make him a bit bigger, like Darksied”.

    Moon Knight and Sentry are obviously based off of Batman and Superman, but can sort of be excused of being ripoffs because A) They’re openly homages to them and B) Marvel took them in different directions then Superman and Batman

    Image Comic’s Invincible(along with most of the characters in his universe) could almost be considered “ripoffs” but mainly fall into the “homage” category. Plus, Invincible is an awesome comic. Czech it out.

    And Marvel recently acquired the rights to Miracleman/Marvelman, who is based off of DC’s Captain Marvel/Shazam.

    And did you forget that Batman, as awesome as he is, is basically an amalgam of various pre-Golden Age pulp characters including Zorro, The Shadow, and the Black Bat?

  • Edward Mirenga

    I think Darius Drumm(the antagonists in Jack Kirby’s 1983 “Silver Star”) should have been in the running for Darkseid- they practically look the same…in addition to being created by the same person…

  • ComicGuru111

    Ok, this article seems totally one sided… Really Justice league has no similarities to the avengers. Plus Cyborg is a ripoff of Deathlok… And Aqua man is a ripoff of namor… Seriously this is really one sided on DC’s side.

  • bob1689321

    Rob Liefeld looked at Captain America and thought: “He needs more pouches, Dammit!”

  • freelancepimp .

    It’s hard to get fanboys to admit to a rip off even when its so obvious. Hell they are even trying to make deadpool not a rip off anymore becuase he is so damn popular.

  • TURK125

    First off there is nothing original about Deadpool in any way She-Hulk broke the fourth Wall first in John Byrne’s series. Deadpool was actually one of the few good things Liefield has come up with. The fact that they made him an even bigger rip off, making him a character people like even more, and constantly talk about all these “original” improvements, proves one thing the writer is bias, and doesn’t know his shit, and neither do Deadpool fans.

  • McGuffin

    I just wrote it as ‘rip-off’ because my editor demanded ‘controversial articles’. You’ve all fallen into the trap of online ‘journalism’.