Angry Birds/Transformers #4 Review

Well, here it is, the final to what can likely be called one of the oddest mashups currently available in comics. Angry Birds / Transformers #4 marks the end of a unique series, one that that has definately been fun, so does the final issue manage to go out with a bang?

First, the official description from IDW:

The action heats up as the Eggspark begins to alter the fundamental forces of Piggy Island itself! With the Autobirds and Deceptihogs forming an uneasy alliance, will their combined might be enough to halt inevitable doom?! Find out in the thrilling conclusion to this years’ most mind-bending mash-up!

Angry Birds_Transformers_4_Cover BAs with the rest of the series, Angry Birds / Transformers #4 is fun, quick paced and full of action. This series has always been of a decent, stable quality and the last issue certainly carries this trend. That said, the issues with plot do sometimes mean the narrative overtakes the sense of humor, but this is still a funny, quirky title to read.

In terms of writing, this was never really about the plot, but John Barber nonetheless wraps things up in a decent fashion. Most of the issue is more of the same puns and playful humor of well known characters. While its highly enjoyable, it does also mark a good point to end the miniseries. After a fourth issue, I think the scope for new material would have started to wear thin. As it stands, some of the speech humor, especially in more complex sequences, does start to lose a little of its charm.

Visually, this issue sees the return of Livio Ramondelli, rounding off the series as he started, with the regular artwork from Marcelo Ferreria on pencils and Nikos Koutsis on colors. The artwork is again, fun, vibrant and fun. Ferreria matches the rounded shapes of Angry Birds well with the angular nature of Transformers, making for a very visually appealing look.

In the end, this was always a bit of fun and that’s exactly what this last, final issue offers.

  • + Fun filled script
  • + Ends with plenty of action
  • + Looks great
  • - Some jokes do start to wear a little thin

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