Angry Birds/Transformers #3 Review

As far as mash ups go, this has certainly been interesting. Angry Birds / Transformers #3 is the penultimate issue in what can arguably be seen as IDW’s most unique cross over. So far the focus has been very much on fun, with a humorous look at both franchises. As for this issue? Well it’s more of the same…. and that’s a good thing.

The official description from IDW:

RAMP-EGG! When the Angry Birds’ precious eggs become leg-having, weapon-bearing rampaging eggs of mass destruction, the Autobirds must team up with the Deceptihogs to save Piggy Island! How much more mixed-up can this mash-up possibly get?!

Angry Birds_Transformers_3_Cover BLike the last two issues, Angry Birds / Transformers #3 looks fantastic, yet the real joy is the writing. While the title takes shots at both franchises, it nonetheless presents a fun little romp on its own. As long as you have some understanding of both Angry Birds and Transformers you can enjoy this, nothing is too knowledge-specific and the issue makes sure to keep things light and simple.

That said, John Barber isn’t above throwing in plenty of nods. There are a few key scenes here which harken back to Transformers, while much of the dialogue exemplifies the simple nature of Angry Birds. Still, it’s a nice mix up and Barber finds the right level of intertextual references and elegant, yet simple fun. The plot is hectic, but it’s this pace that stops it getting boring.

While the artwork is fantastic, I have to admit some of the dialogue-heavy panels obscure Marcelo Ferreira’s fine pencils. Still, combined with the vibrant and varied colors of Nikos Koutis it’s hard to ignore the art quality – it just suits the title so well. It also appeals to younger audiences which is good, as I imagine Angry Birds has a few younger readers.

In short, this is a great issue and, with only one more issue to go, I am more than looking forward to it. Angry Birds / Transformers #3 is a fine example of something that’s easy to pick up and read. You don’t need to think too hard, but you’re getting plenty of comic all the same.

  • + Funny
  • + Looks amazing
  • + Great for both Angry Birds and Transformers fans
  • - Not very indepth

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