Angry Birds Transformers #2 Review

Angry Birds_Transformers_2_Cover BAngry Birds Transformers #2 has many of the same issues as the first. It’s a weird mesh of theme and characters, yet somehow I can’t help but think it’s compelling to younger audiences. At the end of the day, it is fun and this issue definately seems to keep up with that idea.

The official description from IDW:

With the fate of Piggy Island hanging in the balance, will this be the Age of EGGStinction!? Continuing the craziest crossover this side of CYBERTRON!

There really isn’t much else to say here. Angry Birds Transformers #2 continues where the last one left off, establishing more characters and then slamming them together for a little action. It’s simple, but it works. Thanks to the whole package of simple writing, sharp colours and large panels, it’s easy to see where this issue is going. As the second in a 4-piece miniseries, the pacing is pretty good too.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect. John Barber is a talented writer, but some of the jokes that would appeal to younger audiences are absent this time around. This is partially due to running jokes with Grimlock-Bird and a need to establish new characters. It takes up too much space and I would have preffered it if this was done last time. Still, the latter half makes up for it by pushing the plot along further.

Visually, it’s more of the same here, which isn’t a bad thing. Marcelo Ferreira’s visuals stand up to the job. The blend of angular lines and circular features meshes the two styles together in a style that’s more or less pleasing to the eye. Similarly, Nikos Koutis continues to offer vibrant visuals which work well with the large panels and linework.

All in all, it’s not for everyone but, for there are more than enough people out there who will enjoy this.


  • + Quick, simple storytelling
  • + Enough decent jokes
  • - The long running jokes wear thin quickly
  • - Starts off slowly

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