America’s Got Powers #6 Review


It’s been five months since we last saw America’s Got Powers, and, in the interim, the series has gone from six issues to seven. One has to wonder about the reasons for the extension. Here’s the official description of what is now the penultimate issue from Image:

EVERYONE wants a piece of Tommy Watts – at least the part that can give them super powers. But if everyone in America is a superhero, will that be a good thing…or the worst thing that could ever happen to planet Earth?

Jonathan Ross gives us two not-so-surprising twists in the story, opening with a utopian vision of a San Francisco where all the super-powered kids live in harmony. Well, we know that’s not going to fly, because there’s that whole new seventh issue still to go. Then we’re assured several times that Tommy is well and truly dead. Guess how that turns out? Still, the way in which that situation resolves itself is pretty surprising, even if it doesn’t make sense right away.

I can’t help speculating about the series’ extension. Five months is a pretty long time between issues, and we know some change has been made to the plot. One difference is that Susan Handler, Sarah Palin lookalike and one of the book’s main antagonists, is suddenly just a little more sympathetic (she only wants to blow up San Franscisco, whereas the President is considering nuking the entire west coast). It’s an unexpected shift that feels a bit contrived. I have to wonder if political events since the series’ last issue might have prompted a change in the plot. Purely speculation on my part.

Bryan Hitch‘s art is, once again, excellent. I continually marvel at his ability to draw both immensely complex backgrounds and large groups of people, often simultaneously. There are a few places where characters’ eyes are oddly set, particularly Tommy’s. The big change to the art this month is the inking. Paul Neary has done great work on this series from the beginning, originally with help from Andrew Currie, and, later, from Jason Paz. Now Hitch himself takes on some of the inking duties. The change is noticeable, with more of his pencils being allowed to show through, and the characters looking more drawn (in multiple senses of the word) as a result.

While somewhat stilted due to the change in the story, America’s Got Power #6 is still more than enough to keep me excited for what’s coming in the final issue.


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