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Whether you picked up this issue or not looks like the latest and perhaps final adventure featuring this iteration of everyone’s favorite ‘wall-crawling menace‘ sold out.

Following that announcement Marvel has seen fit to send the landmark release back in for another round of printing fun, fun, fun!

You can checkout UTF‘s review here.

Here’s how Comic Book Resources told the story:

After an immediate sellout of Amazing Spider-Man #698 at Diamond, Marvel will be going back to press on Amazing Spider-Man #698 with the Amazing Spider-Man #698 Second Printing Variant as a result of overwhelming demand! It’s the essential opener to the biggest conclusion of the year and Marvel is committed to ensuring it’s retail partners have enough copies on hand for any and all fans looking to get in on the action

Marvel Senior Editor, Stephen Wacker had this to say:

Dan Slott has been telling retailers for weeks that they haven’t ordered enough copies of this issue. Lesson learned? Listen to Dan Slott.

So what do you guys think?  Have you read this issue?  Did it live up to your expectations or were you thoroughly disappointed?  Does it really need to get a second printing?  Don’t be shy, sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

SOURCE: Comics Book Resources

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