Amazing Spider-Man #692 Review

The 50th Anniversary issue of Amazing Spider-Man is here, but does it live up to the hype?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Join us for a once in a lifetime event: the one, true 50th Anniversary Issue of the Amazing Spider-Man.

• A special over-sized issue harkening back to the legend the legend that started it all! Get ready for an all-new tale about a different kind of power and responsibility…

• Plus original stories by Dean Haspiel, Joshua Hale Fialkov & Nuno Plati!

Spider-Man has been around for quite some time, and to commemorate his latest milestone he’s getting a sidekick.  I know what you’re thinking, but trust me dear readers this actually turned out to be a rather excellent way to celebrate everyone’s favorite wall-crawling menace.

The main story in this issue in many ways is about Peter Parker, but Alpha brings enough change to the series that many fans will either be engaged or enraged by his inclusion.  For me I thought Dan Slott found strong enough footing to pull off his lofty goals, while still keeping the core values of the book intact.  The overall script does a really good job delivering an engaging arc that will both inspire nostalgia while attempting to brush past some rather cringe worthy moments.

Humberto Ramos does an outstanding job with the art as his unique style is always fast, kinetic and endless entertaining to look at.  His work with Alpha in particular does just enough to set the character up as a believable addition to the Marvel universe, as he gives him dynamic panels and solid designs that make the character pop.  Beyond that he still finds plenty of time to give the rest of the cast the right amount of necessary attention and detail to fully flesh out this latest adventure.

Beyond the main feature fans are treated to two rather fun and unique stories that cut right to the core of Spider-Man.  They’re not incredibly original but Dean HaspielJoshua Hale Fialkov and Nuno Plati deliver competent romps that are solid enough to be worth your time.

Amazing Spider-Man #692 is a milestone issue that both commemorates and celebrates Peter Parker from start to finish.  It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it gets more than enough right to warrant a recommendation.


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