Amazing Spider-Man #690 Review

There’s “No Turning Back” for the Lizard and Spider-Man, but should fans avoid this latest release?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

There might be more than one Lizard now…and Spider-Man might notice– if he wasn’t busy trying to save everyone from a crazed Morbius! Also in this issue: new developments for The Kingpin, Madame Web, Horizon Labs, and the Hobgoblin!

A wordy and somewhat insightful issue, proves to be a fairly decent success rather than a disappointing failure.  From the writing to the art, this creative team is clearly putting their best foot forward as they attempt to shake up the accepted state of both the Lizard and Spider-Man.  But there are times where the action, the suspense and even the character drama feel a bit bogged down by needless exposition.

Dan Slott does a good job framing a story that inherently is aware of its context, as it freely pokes fun at itself while setting up broad sweeping changes that should have a lasting impact on this series.  It’s not a perfect script, as there are times where needless inner-dialogue slows down the pace of the book but for the most part it successfully yields a competent narrative.  Amazing Spider-Man #690 is an issue that is trying to both entertain fans and get them ready for the forthcoming arcs, I just hope that next month’s conclusion isn’t lost in the set-up.

Giuseppe Camuncoli does a fantastic job with the art in this issue.  With fine line work and exceptional panel design this talented artist again proves why he belongs on this title.  His quirky sensibilities guide this chaotic tale from start to finish, as each of our characters go through some… changes.

Overall Amazing Spider-Man #690 is a good read that doesn’t over extend itself.  Despite some narrative faults this penultimate issue still comes recommended.


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