Alpha Girl #5 Review

The mini-series finale is here, so does the creative team deliver something that’s really worth your money and time?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

A traumatized Frank develops an appetite for zombie slaughter as he and Judith finally arrive at Buddy’s detention center, only to discover it’s over run with zombie inmates. This mini-series finale has more blood than Halloween and more crazy broads than Showgirls!

The crazy zombie apocalypse of the 80s finally continues here as it offers some much needed conclusions.  If you’re upset about the wait trust me fans it was an issue that was well worth it.  The characters each get some solid moments to shine as they grab some wheels and complete the first leg of what is sure to be an interesting journey (hopefully) going forward.

Jeff Roenning and Jean-Paul Bonjour deliver a more than competent script that gives the audience nothing but the highly craved zombie killing action that the world urns for these days.  We don’t get much in the way of character development but that’s just not the comic book you’re reading, instead we get to see Frank embrace his inner awesomeness as he turns into a proverbial killing machine.  The end result is an uproarious tale that will excite followers and hopefully lead to something bigger and better somewhere down the road.

When the carnage and zany action kicks in the stylized art by Diego Simone just hit a cord with me.  Each pencil stroke delivered a perfect culmination of style and skill as chunks of zombie flesh flew from panel to panel from scene to scene.  I especially enjoyed some of the final moments specifically ones from the epilogue that offered a much slower cadence.  It gave the artist a new angle to attack and it yielded a striking final visual.

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Alpha Girl #5 delivers an excellent finish, one that I hope leads directly into another mini-series as soon as possible.  Recommended.


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