Alpha Girl #4 Review

The zombie apocalypse of the 80′s continues, but is it a worthwhile purchase?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Our heroine is reunited with Sherman, everyone’s favorite pedophile, and we get down and dirty with the simplistically exotic Penny and her dedication to the tube steak. As our mighty gang of misfits journey to find Judith’s brother, who will fall? Are hillbillies taking over the world? Hold onto your butts, because issue 4 is a Hell ride of excitement and intrigue!

This issue fully revels in its premise as the reader is taken on a genuinely fun and quite plucky ride.  The spirit of the characters and the sheer goofiness of their dire situation reveals a titillating tale of virginity and gore in the middle of a catastrophic apocalypse.  It’s not perfect and it won’t win any awards, but it had me genuinely amused from start to finish.

Jeff Roening and Jean-Paul Bonjour deliver not depth but fun in their wacky little script.  The amount of human carnage they allow to occur in lesser hands might be sad, but instead it inspires levity.  While we laugh at the terrible decisions being made by people that genuinely don’t deserve to survive this hellish nightmare, the narrative manages to sneak in some rather exciting sequences and a stellar cliffhanger.

Diego Simone handles the art in this issue, as he executes some top-notch panel work.  The sure pencil strokes and deformed but functional characters yield a natural relationship with the script that honestly makes this story more than enjoyable.  It’s by no means genre defining but it fits the narrative quite well.

If you are the type of comic book reader that enjoys reading about a  zombie style apocalypse and you’re willing to turn off your brain, then Alpha Girl #4 might just be for you.  Either way this book comes recommended.



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